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Installing Batteries In The Remote Control - Samsung HL61A750A1FXZA Getting Started Manual

Series 7 750 dlp tv.
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Installing Batteries in the Remote Control
Lift the cover at the back of the remote control upward as shown in the figure.
Instatl twoAAAsize batteries.
;'_ • Make sure to match the "+" and "-" ends of the batteries with the diagram inside the compartment.
• Do not mix battery types, i.e. alkaline and manganese.
Close the cover as shown in the figure.
;'_ Remove the batteries and store them in a cool and dry place if you won't be usingthe remote
control for a long time. The remote controt can be used up to about 23 feet from me TV. (Assuming
typical TV usage, the batteries last for about one year.))
Using the remote controt with the On/Off(Q) light button set to On will reduce the battery usage
:-_ If the remote control doesn't workt Check the following
1. Is the TV power on?
2. Are the plus and minus ends of the batteries reversed?
3. Are the batteries drained?
4. Is there a power cut, or is the power cord unplugged?
5. Is there a special fluorescent light or a neon sign nearby?
Connecting VHF and UHF Antennas
If your antenna has a set of leads that look like this, see "Antennas with 300 _ Flat Twin
Leads" below.
If your antenna has one lead that looks like this, see "Antennas with 75 Q Round Leads".
If you have two antennas, see "Separate VHF and UHF Antennas".
with 300 £2 Fiat Twin Leads
If you are using an off-air antenna (such as a roof antenna or "rabbit ears") that has 300 Q twin flat leads, follow the
directions below.
Place the wires from the twin leads under the screws on a 300-75 O adapter (not supplied).
Use a screwdriver to tighten the screws.
Plug the adaptor into the ANT IN terminal on the side of the TV.
with 75 O Round
Plug the antenna lead into the ANT IN terminal on the side of the TV.
I j_:_.
A_ J
_,,,_ ,,NK
VHF and UHF Antennas
If you have two separate antennas for your TV (one VHF and one UHF), you must combine the two antenna signals before
connecting the antennas to the TV. This procedure requires an optional combiner-adaptor
(available at most electronics
Connect both antenna leads tothe combiner.
Plug the combiner into the ANT IN terminal on the bottom of the side panel.


Table of Contents

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