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GE JK915 Owner's Manual

27"/30" single/double electric convection built-in wall ovens.
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Safety Instruotions
and Timer
. ...........
l l
9, l 0
13, 18
6, 7
and Roasting
12, 16, 17
Care and Cleaning
Pan and Grid
Oven Door
. .........
I,igh t Bulb
Oven Floor
. ...............
Steel Surfaces
Tips .....
. . .Back Co_er
29, 30
Write themodel and serial
Model #
Serial #
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or on the
]K 9 l 5-2 7" Si_gle
I'i i_l{ ()ve*_
7" Do_lb{e Wa[{ ()ve,_
Si_g'!_ _'!_d{ ()ve_
Wa{{ (h_en
49-80130-2 02-03 Jfl



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   Summary of Contents for GE JK915

  • Page 1 Safety Instruotions ..© Opera6ng Instructions ]K 9 l 5-2 7" Si_gle I'i i_l{ ()ve*_ Clock and Timer .... JK955-2 7" Do_lb{e Wa[{ ()ve,_ Controls ....Si_g'!_ _'!_d{ ()ve_ fY915-30" Convection ....14-17 ./T9_5-30" Do_lb# Wa{{ (h_en Oven ....

  • Page 2

    READALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING. WARNING! For your safe_, the information in this manual must be followed to minimize the risk of fire or explosion, electric shock, or to prevent property damage, personal injury, or loss of life. IMPORTANT SAFETY N OTICE The California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act requires the Governor of California to publish a list of substances known to the state to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm, and requires businesses to warn customers of potential exposure to such substances.

  • Page 3 A WARNING! SAFETY P RECAUTIONS Do not store flammable matefia]s Nexer leaxejars or cans of fiat diippings an oxen. or Ileal vonr o_en. Do not store or use combustil)le mamlials, CAUtiON: hems of interest gasoline or other flammable vapors and children should not be stored in cabinets...

  • Page 4

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION. READALLINSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING. COOK MEAT ANDPOULTRY THOROUGHLY,.. Cookmeat and pou/try thoro®h/y_-meat to at/east an iNTERNAL temperatureof 180°Fand pou/try to at/east an iNTERNAL temperatureof 180%- Cookbg to these temperaturesusua/lyprotects against feodbornei/bess, SELF-CLEANING OVEN Do not clean the door g'asket. The door Before self-cleaning d_e ox.en, remove die gasket is essential...

  • Page 5

    Usingthe oven controls. (Throughout this manual, features and appearance may vary from your modeL) Double oven control shown. OvenControl,Clockand TimerFeatures and Settings SELFCLEAN STD/LOW Pad BAKEPad Press to select timed{re. the bake Press to sdect selfZcleaM ng _m_cdom tl_e Using _he self-cleaning oven secdom BROIL HI/tO Pad 0 VEN LIGHT ON/OFFPad...

  • Page 6

    Special features of Four oven control. Yournew touch pad control has additional features that you may choose to use. The following are t.hefeatures and how you may activate them. The special feature modes can only be activated while the display is showing the time of clay, They roman in t.hecontro/_ memory until the steps are repeated.

  • Page 7 Tones at the End of a Timed Cycle At theendofa tlYned c ycle,3 shortbeepswill KITCHEN TIMERON/OFF Press the soundfollowed byonebeepevery6 seconds until CONBEEP pad. The displa)shows theCLEAR/OFF padis pressecL T his contleuous (continuous beep). Press the ii( i i!i ii ili &second beepmaybe cancelec{ KITCHEN TIMER ON/OFF pad again.

  • Page 8

    D C the oven is (hm/ge/i'om D C to D mid 0;_0\*,rill appem2 1 minute and 9 hom:s and 99 mintltes. bakhTg/roasting. indi(ating that die o_en has turned...

  • Page 9

    Usingthe oven. To avoid possible bums, place the racks in the desired position before you turn the oven on. Before you begin... _-._. T o_q,__ ,--2. The rack,4 have stop-locks, so that when To remove a rack, pull it toward you, placed correctly on the...

  • Page 10

    Using the oven. How to Set tile Oven for Broiling Leavethe dooromento #_e broil stopposition. This dom_e]_ess will af}ect broi]h_g dines. Thedoorstays omen by iteelf, yet tireproper g_dde is b_sed oN_ meats at re{}Jge_:_tor temperature is maintainedb tf_eoven. tempemtm'e. NOTE:Foodcanbe broiled w/tf_tire door Press the BROIl NI/LO pad...

  • Page 11

    Usingthe clock, timer and control lockout. CE4pplia.cescom To Set the Clock clock must be set to the correct time CLOCKpad. Press of day fin" the automatic oven timing Press number pads. flmcfions to work properly: time Make sure the clock is set to the de)' cannot be changed during...

  • Page 12

    Usingthe timed baking and roasting features. On double oven models, you can use timed baking in one oven while using self=clean in the other; you can also use timed baking in both ovens at the same time. NOTE"Foods that spoil easily--such as mLIk,eggs, fish, stuffings, poultry and pork--should not be allowed to sit for more than t hour before or after cookirlg.

  • Page 13

    Usingthe probe. . .CEA , For many foods, especially roasts and poultry, internal food temperature is the best test for doneness. The temperature probe takes the guesswork out of roasting by cooking foods to the exact doneness you want. NOTE'. Doubleoven models havea probe in the upper ovenonly Use ot probes other...

  • Page 14

    Usingthe convection oven. Convection Fan NOTE:The convecdon tim will cycle on offwhile cooking to best distribute In a convection oven, a fan circulates hot air hot air in the o',en. over, under and around the food convection oven tim shuts off when This circulating hot air is evenly distributed throughout the oven cavit_ As a result, foods...

  • Page 15 Convection Roast Place the rack (on 27" models, Roasting rack the offset rack) in the lowest rack Goodfor large tendercuts of meat, uncoverec{ position (A). tim circulates The convection tim heated Place tim grid on the broiler air evenly over and around the food.

  • Page 16

    Usingthe timed features for convectioncooking. On double oven models, you can use timed baking or roasting in one oven while using self-clean in the other; you can also use timed baking or roasting in both ovens at the same time. Youwill hear a fan while cooking with these features.

  • Page 17 How to Set a Delayed Start and Automatic Stop CONVECTION YOU can set the ovencon_'o/to delay-startthe oven, If you would/i/_ to che& the t/_nes you havese_ cook fora specific/engthof time and then turnoff pm_ the BEMY STARTpad to c'he&the start time automati('a//}_ youhaveset, or press the COOKTIME pad to check O@(i)@@...

  • Page 18

    Usingthe convectionoven. How to Set the Oven for Convection Roasting when Using the Probe display Tile Mll flash PROBE and tile X._q/en tile internal temperatm'e tile meat reaches tile number oven control will signal if tile probe probe and inserted into tile outlet, have...

  • Page 19: Proofing

    Usingthe proofingand warming features. The proofing feature maintains a warm environment useful for rising yeast-leavened products. How to Set the Oven For Proofing X,_q_en }roofing is finished, press Place coxered dough in a dish in the oxen on rack B or C. the CLEAR/OFFpad.

  • Page 20: Thermostat

    Adjust the oven thermostat--Do it yourself! You may find that your new oven cooks differently than the one it replaced. Use your new oven for a few weeks to become more familiar with it. If you still think your new oven is too hot or too cold, you can adjust the thermostat yourself.

  • Page 21

    Usingthe self-cleaning oven. OEA,,,ia.oes The oven door must be closed and all controls must be set correctly for the cycle to work properly. Before a Clean Cycle IMPORTANT'. We recommend venting y()ur kitchen health of some birds with an open window or using a given is extremely...

  • Page 22

    Usingthe self-cleaning oven. The oven door must be closed and all controls must be set correctly for the cycle to work properly. How to Delay the Start of Cleaning iiii The door locks automaticall}: Tile display Press the SELFCLEANSTD/LOW pad will show the start time.

  • Page 23: Stainless Steel Surfaces

    Careand cleaning of the oven. . CE4pplia.cescem Be sure electrical power is off and all surfaces are cool before cleaning any part of the oven. How to Remove Packaging Tape Apply wifl/a soft cloth and allow to soak. To assure no dmnage is done to tile finish...

  • Page 24: Oven Floor

    Careand cleaning of the oven. Cleaning the Oven Door on the outside of the doo): Do not let To clean the inside of the door: oi)enings, ,. water drip into tile xent Because tile area inside tile gasket cleaned dm'ing sell_lean c_cle If an)stain...

  • Page 25: Broiler Pan And Grid Probe The temperature probe may be cleaned Donot lYnmersethe temperatureprobe lb water with soap and water or a soai;-filled scouting pad. Cool the temperature Donot store the temperatureprobe in probe befin'e cleaning. Scour stubborn the oven. spots with a soap-filled scouring pad, rinse and (h_'.

  • Page 26: Troubleshooting Tips

    Before YouCall ForService... Troubleshooting tips Save time and money! Review the charts on the following pages first and you may not need to call for service. Possible Causes What To Do Control signals a#er You forgot to enter a bake * Press the BAKE pad and desired temperature...

  • Page 27 le_ iii, Possible Causes What To Do Oventemperaturetoo Oven thermostat * See the Adjust the oven thermostat--Do it yourself! hot or too cold needs sectiou. adjustlnent, Oven will not work A fuse in your home * Replace tile tuse or reset tile circuit breaker:...

  • Page 28: Troubleshooting Tips

    Before YouCall ForService... Troubleshooting tips Possible Causes What To Do "F-- anda number You have a function CLEAP,/OFF p ad. • Press Mlow oven to cool or letter" flash error code. hem: oxen back into operation. in the display If the fm_ction code repeats.

  • Page 29

    GE Service Protection Plus '_' GE, a _mme recognized _;orldwkle fbr q_mlity a_d depeildabHity; offers Service --comprehe_s_xe appIim_ces-- Protectio_ t h_s protecti(m aH }ore No Matter What Brand[ Benefits Include: We ?i Cover Any Appliance. o Backed by GE Anywhere° Anytime.

  • Page 30: Product Registration

    Io r(ceiv(, via c-mail, discounts, special ot}'( rs and ofll(r impormm communications h-ore GE Applianc(s ((;ILk). Ch((k h(lx if you do 11ol Wallt to r(_( ( iv(_ ( Olnmtmi(ations h-ore GEA's ( arefully sel¢ (ted l)artners. GEAppliances GE Co/lstm_er...

  • Page 31

    From the date of the During this full one-year warranty, GE will also provide, free of charge, all labor original purchase and in-home service to replace (lefecti\'e part, Service...

  • Page 32

    ScheduleService Expert (;E repair seis:ice is onlx one step away fl'om your dooi: Get on-line and schedule vc,ur service at your conxenience 24 hom_ am (lm of the _ear! Or call 800.GE.(_AI_ES (800.432.2737) during n{mnal business hom_. RealLife DesignStudio

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