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Unsafe Voltage; Test Lead Alert - Fluke 117 User Manual

True-rms multimeters
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The Fluke Model 114, Model 115, and Model 117 are
battery-powered, true-rms multimeters (hereafter "the
Meter") with a 6000-count display and a bar graph. This
manual applies to all three models. All figures show the
Model 117.
These meters meet CAT III IEC 61010-1 2
standards. The IEC 61010-1 2
defines four measurement categories (CAT I to IV)
based on the magnitude of danger from transient
impulses. CAT III meters are designed to protect
against transients in fixed-equipment installations at the
distribution level.
Contacting Fluke
To contact Fluke, call:
USA: 1-888-99-FLUKE (1-888-993-5853)
Canada: 1-800-36-FLUKE (1-800-363-5853)
Europe: +31 402-675-200
Japan: +81-3-3434-0181
Singapore +65-738-5655
Anywhere in the world: +1-425-446-5500
Visit Fluke's web site at
Register your Meter at
Edition safety standard
True-rms Multimeters

Unsafe Voltage

To alert you to the presence of a potentially
hazardous voltage, the Y symbol is displayed when
the Meter measures a voltage 30 V or a voltage
overload (OL) condition. When making frequency
measurements >1 kHz, the Y symbol is unspecified.

Test Lead Alert

Personal injury or damage to the
Meter can occur if you attempt to
make a measurement with a lead in an
incorrect terminal.
To remind you to check that the test leads are in the
correct terminals, LEAd is briefly displayed and an
audible beep sounds when you move the rotary
switch to or from any A (Amps) position.

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Table of Contents

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