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Unsafe Voltage; Battery Saver (Sleep Mode); Rotary Switch Positions - Fluke 1508 User Manual

Insulation tester
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Users Manual

Unsafe Voltage

To alert you to the presence of a potentially hazardous
voltage, when the Tester detects a voltage ≥ 30 V in
insulation test, ≥ 2 V in resistance, or a voltage overload
(OL), the Z symbol is displayed.

Battery Saver (Sleep Mode)

The Tester enters the "Sleep mode" and blanks the
display if there is no function change or button press for
10 minutes. This is done to conserve battery power. The
Tester comes out of Sleep mode when a key is pressed or
when the rotary switch is turned.
The 10-minute timer is disabled during any insulation
resistance or earth-bond resistance measurement. The
time period starts immediately following any

Rotary Switch Positions

Turn the Tester on by selecting any measurement
function. The Tester presents a standard display for that
function (range, measurement units, modifiers, etc.). Use
the blue button to select any rotary switch alternate
functions (labelled with blue letters). Rotary switch
selections are shown in Figure and described in Table .
Figure 1. Rotary Switch

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