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Electrolux use & care guide ice maker e15im60e
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For best performance, keep the unit out of direct sunlight.
Turn the unit OFF and dispose of any ice cubes if the unit will not be used for
5 days or more. Prop door open to allow for air circulation and prevent mold
and mildew.
If the ambient temperature is expected to drop below 45°F (7°C), drain all
water from the unit to prevent freezing damage not covered by the warranty.
High ambient temperatures, 110°F (43°C) or higher, may reduce the unit's
ability to reach low temperatures and may also reduce the ice production
Periodic cleaning and proper maintenance will ensure efficiency, top performance,
and long life. The maintenance intervals listed are based on normal conditions. You
may want to shorten the intervals if you have pets or other special considerations.
Exterior Cleaning - As Required
The door, grille and cabinet may be cleaned with a mild detergent and warm water
solution. Do not use solvent based or abrasive cleaners.
Use a soft sponge and rinse with clean water. Wipe with a soft, clean towel to
prevent water spotting.

Stainless Steel Models

Stainless steel models may discolor when exposed to chlorine gas, pool
chemicals, salt water or cleaners with bleach.
Keep your stainless unit looking new by cleaning with a high quality, all-in-one
stainless steel cleaner/polish on a monthly basis. Frequent cleaning will
remove surface contamination that could lead to rust. Some installations will
require cleaning on a weekly basis.




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