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Button Location - Acer MP-S10 User Manual


Table of Contents
● GUI (Graphic User Interface) Menu - Vivid animation menu with corresponding characters for easy
and visual operation.

2-2. Button Location

2-2-1. Keys and Switch
Power switch key: push Power button to ON to power on the player and push it to OFF to power off
the player directly.
Turn ON/Turn OFF/Play/Pause/Stop button: Long press to Power ON (when the Power button is
ON) or Power OFF, short press to play, pause and stop.
Menu key: Under music mode or voice mode, long press to enter the main menu.
In the main menu, short press to confirm or enter the sub-menu.
In the sub-menu, short press to confirm current option or enter next submenu, and press and hold to
enter main menu.
Right (Next) : In Music or Voice mode, short press to enter the next song and press and hold to
move fast forward. In sub-menu, press Right key to switch submenu.
Left (Previous): In Music or voice mode, short press to enter the previous song and long press to
move fast backward. In sub-menu, press Left key to switch submenu..
VOL key: Allow you to adjust the volume in the Music and Voice mode. Press VOL key to enter
volume control interface, and press right or next key to adjust volume.
Note: You can short press, long press or hold a key, where:
Short press: You press the key and release it in less than two seconds.
Long press: You press the key and release in more than two seconds.
Hold: You press the key and do not release it until the desired effect is achieved
2-2-2. PORT:
USB: Standard USB port
Earphone: Standard earphone jack
2-2-3. Recording
Mic: input
LCD display
Play / Stop / ON/OFF button
Next track/Forward ( )
MENU button
Volume control button (VOL)
Headphone jack
USB port
Previous track/ Rewind ( )
Power switch


Table of Contents

Table of Contents