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Other Setting - Acer MP-S10 User Manual


Table of Contents
The Firmware Version information that the player uses can be obtained here.
Firmware Upgrade
The Player has been specially designed so that it is Firmware Upgradeable.
DRM Time:
Set DRM Time. The operation is same as set system time. If the DRM time is wrong, the music files
with DRM will not display.

3-10. Other Setting

I. Select Folders (At Stop Submenu)
Users can save files in different folders (folders should be created on PC in advance), to manage and
play files according to different types. The player supports eight-level subdirectories.
1. In Stop interface (Current example is in Music Mode although folders can be selected in Record mode,
Voice Mode, JPEG Album and E-book.)
2. Press MENU to enter Stop Submenu.
3. Press MENU again to enter Select Folder interface.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents