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Acer MP-S10 User Manual page 18


Table of Contents
Press MENU to enter System Setting interface as follows:
I. Parameter(s) Introduction
System Time: Set the date and time when recorded files are saved.
LCD set: Set the period of time (in seconds) when Backlight stays on without any operation.
Language: Select the language under this mode.
Power off: Set a fixed time after which the player turns OFF automatically.
Replay mode: Set working states on Replay mode.
Online device: Select the USB device mode and set the MP3 player as a Media Transfer Protocol
Online Mode: An option especially designed for "Private Space" function.
Memory info.: Show memory capacity and percentage utilized.
Animation: Set alternative animation picture during the power ON process.
Background: Set alternative animation background picture in the playing interface.
Firmware Version: Show firmware version.
Firmware Upgrade: For firmware upgrading.
Exit: Exit from current interface.
II. Instruction
"System time" set
1. System Setting Interface
2. Press MENU to enter System Time Interface.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents