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Acer MP-S10 User Manual page 19


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3. Press Play to set time in sequence of "YY-MM-DD"
4. Push
button to adjust numbers
5. Press MENU to confirm and exit.
"LCD set" setting
Operating steps are as follows:
1. From System Setting interface:
2. Press
key to select "LCD set" option:
3. Press MENU to enter the "LCD set" submenu:
4. Press (button to choose and press MENU to confirm and enter 'interface adjustment', as follows
(e.g. Black):
5. Press (/( button to adjust time Unit second
and press MENU to confirm and exit.
Set light and shade contrast of CSTN screen
Darkle mode
Set fixed period of time (unit: second) so that when no key operation is performed, the players screen
will darkle automatically after the set period of time has elapsed. If "0" is selected, the function is


Table of Contents

Table of Contents