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E-Book Function - Acer MP-S10 User Manual


Table of Contents
2. Press MENU button to enter Voice mode interface and press PLAY button to start playing.
3. Choose music
button: to choose previous record file
button: to choose next record file.
4. Volume control
Short press the VOL button to enter volume control interface and the press the /

3-6. E-Book Function

This function supports all TXT file.
1. Enter the main menu, press
2. Press MENU button to enter TXT file. If there is no text file, the display shows "No files" on the
3. Press
button to select desired text file to read. Press Play button to enter text interface e.g
4. Press
button to turn the pages in sequence only suitable for "Manual play"
button to choose"E-Book
button to adjust


Table of Contents

Table of Contents