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Table of Contents
1. While playing music, press the MENU button to enter Play Submenu:
2. Press button to choose Equalizer option:
Press the MENU button to enter EQ selection menu.
IV. Lyric Display
This player supports "*.LRC" lyric files (user can download from, and lyrics
may be synchronously displayed with playing music.
Using lyric files
Save the lyric file with the same name as that of the corresponding music file.
For example: Music file name: GiGi-Sky.mp3
Lyric file name: GiGi-Sky.lrc
How to know whether the lyrics exist?
If the current song has a matching lyric file, the lyric sign
1. Current song has a matching lyric file.
2. Long press MENU to enter the Lyric Interface when playing.
3. Press MENU button to return to Music play mode.
V Battery
The player has a multilevel level battery monitoring system.
Indicates that the battery is charged fully. The bar will diminish with use.
Indicates low battery power. Charge your player in this status. When users see this icon on the LCD,
please connect the player to PC through the USB Cable, the PC will check the capacity of the battery
and charge it directly. When charging, the icon of the battery will flicker. After the battery has been fully
charged, the icon of battery will stop flickers.
Note: Charge the Player when it is unable to power ON. When charging, ensure that the power switch is
in the "ON" position. The unit will not charge unless it is so.
will be display at the top of music


Table of Contents

Table of Contents