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Cleaning The Tape Heads; Media Restrictions; Setting The Write-Protect Tab On A Data Cassette - HP Model 705 - Workstation User Manual

Hp dds-dc tape drive user's guide (a1658-90696)
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Using Your DDS Drive
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You know that the backup software you are using makes multiple passes over
sections of the tape during backups or restores.
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Cleaning the Tape Heads

Clean the heads of your tape drive after every 25 hours of tape drive use or if the Media
Wear (Caution) signal is displayed on the LED.
Only use HP Cleaning Cassettes (HP92283K) to clean the tape
heads. Do not use swabs or other means of cleaning the tape heads.
Follow this procedure to clean the tape heads:
Insert the cleaning cassette into the drive. The tape automatically loads the cassette
and cleans the heads. At the end of the cleaning cycle, the drive ejects the cassette.
Write the current date on the cleaning cassette label so that you know how many
times you have used it. Discard the cleaning cassette after you have used it 50 times.

Media Restrictions

If you interchange media between other HP workstation DDS tape drives, note that data
cassettes with compressed data can only be read by tape drives that have data
compression capabilities. This includes data cassettes that contain both compressed and
noncompressed data.

Setting the Write-Protect Tab on a Data Cassette

You can only store or change information on a data cassette when the write-protect tab is
in the write position. So, before trying to write to the data cassette, make sure that the
write-protect tab is in the write position, as shown in Figure 2–2.


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