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Questions, Suggestions, Or Problems; Documentation Conventions - HP Model 705 - Workstation User Manual

Hp dds-dc tape drive user's guide (a1658-90696)
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Questions, Suggestions, or Problems

If you have any questions, suggestions, or problems with our hardware, software, or
documentation, please call 1–888–301–5932 (U.S. and Canada), or contact the HP
Response Center for your country.

Documentation Conventions

Unless otherwise noted in the text, this guide uses the following symbolic conventions:
literal values
screen display
Bold words or characters in formats and command descriptions
represent commands that you must use literally. Pathnames are
also in bold.
Italic words or characters in formats and command descriptions
represent values that you must supply. Italics are also used in
text for emphasis.
Information that the system displays appears in
A rectangle with rounded corners and a key label denotes a key on
your keyboard. (In this manual we refer to the Return key. On
your keyboard the key may be labeled either Return or Enter.)
This symbol indicates the end of a chapter or appendix.
this typeface


Table of Contents

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