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Your Dds-Dc Drive Configuration; Controls And Features Of The Dds-Dc Drive - HP Model 705 - Workstation User Manual

Hp dds-dc tape drive user's guide (a1658-90696)
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Using Your DDS Drive

Your DDS-DC Drive Configuration

Your HP-UX operating system comes with preconfigured device files and drivers. If you
use these preconfigured device files and drivers, you won't need to configure your
DDS-DC drive with the operating system.
To find out more about creating and using device files, see the owner's guide that came
with your system.

Controls and Features of the DDS-DC Drive

Your DDS-DC tape drive is either a 3 1/2-inch form factor, or a 5 1/4-inch form factor
DDS-DC tape drive with data compression and a SCSI interface. It conforms to the
DDS-DC format standard for storing computer data. It's a high-capacity, high
transfer-rate device for data storage on tape.
Figure 2–1 shows the LEDs and eject button of the DDS-DC drive.
Tape Light
Figure 2–1. DDS-DC Drive Controls and Indicators
Clean/Attention Light
Eject Button


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