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Select And Start A Washing Programme - Electrolux FAVORIT 88010 User Manual

Electrolux dishwasher user manual
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1) The consumption values are intended as a guide and depends on the pressure and the temperature of the water
and also by the variations of the power supply and the amount of dishes.
2) During the Auto washing programme the amount of soil on the dishes is determined by how cloudy the water
is. The programme duration, water and energy consumption levels can vary; this depends upon if the appliance
is fully or partially loaded and if the dishes are lightly or heavily soiled. The temperature of the water is
automatically adjusted between 45° C and 70° C.
3) Ideal for washing a partially loaded dishwasher. This is the perfect daily programme, made to meet the needs
of a family of 4 persons who only wish to load breakfast and dinner crockery and cutlery.
4) Test programme for test institutes.
5) This programme does not require the use of detergent

Select and start a washing programme

1. Check that the baskets have been loaded correctly and that the spray arms are
free to rotate.
2. Check that the water tap is opened.
3. Press the ON/OFF button.
4. Select the washing programme. ( See "Washing programmes chart" ).
5. If required, postpone the start time of the washing programme.
6. Set, if required, the options.
7. Press the OK / START button and close the door, the washing programme will
start automatically.
If the delay start has been set, the countdown will start automatically. Once
the delay start has elapsed the programme will start automatically.
The opening of the door will interrupt the countdown. Close the door; the
countdown will continue from the point at which it was interrupted.
Degree of
Type of
Partial load
(to be com-
pleted later
in the day)
Select and start a washing programme
Programme description
Consumption val-

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