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Select And Start A Washing Programme - Electrolux ESF 63020 User Manual

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When using detergent tablets; place the
tablet in compartment (1)
4. Close the lid and press until it locks in
Detergent tablets
Detergent tablets from different manu-
factures dissolve at different rates. For
this reason, some detergent tablets do
not attain their full cleaning power during
short washing programmes. Therefore,
please use long washing programmes
when using detergent tablets, to ensure
the complete removal of detergent re-
Use of combi detergent tablets
These products are detergents with a com-
bined cleaning, rinsing and salt functions.
They can also contain other different agents
depending on which kind of tablets you
choose («3 in 1», «4 in 1», «5 in 1» etc...).

Select and start a washing programme

1. Check that the baskets have been loaded
correctly and that the spray arms are free
to rotate
2. Check that the water tap is opened
3. Close the dishwasher's door.
4. Turn the programme knob until the pro-
gramme marker corresponds with the
desired programme (see "Washing pro-
grammes" chart).
– The On/Off indicator light illuminates.
– The indicator lights of the phases fore-
seen for the programme start flashing.
1. Check whether these detergents are suit-
able for your water hardness. See the
manufacturers instructions.
2. Select the lowest setting for water hard-
ness and rinse aid dosage.
3. Before the start of the washing pro-
gramme put the combi detergent tablet
in the detergent dispenser.
The refilling of the salt container and the
rinse aid dispenser are no longer neces-
sary. In this case the rinse aid indicator
light will always remain illuminated when
the machine is switched on (not all dish-
washer models are foreseen with rinse
aid indicator light).
If the drying results are not satisfactory
we recommend that you:
1. Fill up the rinse aid dispenser with
rinse aid.
2. Set the rinse aid dosage to position
If you decide to turn back to the use of
the standard detergent system we ad-
vise that you:
1. Fill up the dispensers for salt and rinse aid
2. Adjust the water hardness setting to the
highest setting and perform washing pro-
gramme without loading any dishes.
3. Adjust the water hardness setting ac-
cording to the hardness of the water in
your area.
4. Adjust the rinse aid dosage.
5. Press the start/cancel button, the pro-
gramme starts automatically and the
start/cancel indicator light illuminates.
– As soon as the programme starts, the
phase indicator lights turn off except
for the indicator light for the phase in
progress which will remain lit with a
static light.
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