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Water Inlet Hose With Safety Valve - Electrolux FAVORIT 50870 User Manual

Electrolux dishwasher user manual
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to new pipes or pipes which have not been used for a long time, you should run
the water for a few minutes before connecting the inlet hose.
DO NOT use connection hoses which have previously been used for an old
This appliance has been fitted with safety features which will prevent the water
used in the appliance from returning back into the drinking water system. This
appliance complies with the applicable plumbing regulations.

Water inlet hose with safety valve

After connecting the double-walled water inlet hose, the safety valve is next to the
tap. Therefore the water inlet hose is only under pressure while the water is running.
If the water inlet hose starts to leak during this operation, the safety valve cuts off
the running water.
Please take care when installing the water inlet hose:
• The electrical cable for the safety valve is in the double-walled water inlet hose.
Do not immerse the water inlet hose or the safety valve in water.
• If water inlet hose or the safety valve is damaged, remove the mains plug
• A water inlet hose with safety valve must only be replaced by a specialist or by
the Service Force Centre.
• Place the water inlet hose in such a way that it is never higher than the bottom
edge of the safety valve.
Warning! Dangerous voltage.

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