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Use Of Detergent - Electrolux FAVORIT 50870 User Manual

Electrolux dishwasher user manual
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Use of detergent

With upper basket lowered
The height of the upper basket can also be adjusted when it is loaded.
Raising / lowering the upper basket:
1. Pull out the upper basket completely.
2. Holding the upper basket by the han-
dle, raise it as far as it will go and then
lower it vertically.
The upper basket will latch into the
lower or the upper position.
After loading your machine always close
the door, as an open door can be a hazard.
Before closing the door, ensure that the spray arms can rotate freely.
Use of detergent
Only use detergents specifically designed for use in dishwashers.
Please observe the manufacturer's dosing and storage recommendations as stated
on the detergent packaging.
Using no more than the correct amount of detergent contributes to reducing pol-
Maximum height of the dishes in:
the upper basket
24 cm
the lower basket
29 cm

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