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Variable Information (Vi) - Xerox C8 - DocuPrint Color Inkjet Printer Release Note

For docucolor 8000 digital press
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Variable Information (VI)

Variable Print Specification Process
It is recommended that you use the Creo Darwin application version 4.5 or later.
In general, the DocuColor 8000 handles variable information jobs efficiently in segmented run
lengths. You should always break down large complex jobs into smaller run lengths to achieve
maximum throughput. The exact size of the run length depends on the amount of variable
coverage and the element's demographics (the size and percentage of variable text as compared
to images and graphics).
You should perform regular disk maintenance to ensure trouble-free operation.
Printing Retrieved VIPP Jobs
If you want to print a retrieved VIPP job, clear the Print Range parameter. If you don't clear
this parameter, the job might fail in the Print Queue and then the following message appears:
Job Failed in Print. Please try to resubmit the job.
After the job is RIPed, you can select the Print Range option again.
VI Job Thumbnails
• If you use the Job Preview & Editor to view thumbnails of VI jobs that include multiple
records, the generation of all the thumbnails on the pages of the selected VI job can take
some time. While the thumbnails are being generated, no other job can be selected.
• Open the thumbnails of VIPP or Variable Print Specification jobs that have already been
RIPed and are in the Storage window only if you want to view thumbnails of the entire VI
File-Naming Convention
Make sure that you follow the naming conventions specified in the CXP8000 Printing Guide.
Improper characters and file names with spaces can cause problems.
• Avoid using the following characters in image and job file names : ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - / ? >
< ' " ; : ] [ { } \ |. In some cases, the Spire CXP8000 color server substitutes an underscore ( _
) in file names that contain these characters. As a result, the high-resolution images cannot be
used when Creo APR is in use.
• Do not enter a space at the beginning or end of a file name.


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