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Reverting To The Default Normal Or Saturated Calibration Table; Embedded Icc Profiles; Cmyk Emulation; Ensuring Font Substitution - Xerox C8 - DocuPrint Color Inkjet Printer Release Note

For docucolor 8000 digital press
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Reverting to the Default Normal or Saturated Calibration Table

If the Normal or Saturated calibration table has been edited, and you wish to revert to the Spire
CXP8000 color server default calibration table, perform the following steps:
1. From the Tools menu, select Calibration.
The Calibration window appears.
2. From the Calibration Name list, select SpireNormal or SpireSaturated.
3. Click Edit.
The Edit Calibration window appears.
4. Click Save As.
The Save As dialog box appears.
5. In the File Name box, type Normal or Saturated.
6. Click OK.
A message appears.
7. Click Yes.

Embedded ICC Profiles

Adobe and the Spire CXP8000 color server support PostScript color management, CSA and
CRD workflows. The CSA is extracted from the ICC profile only when you select PostScript
color management in your DTP application. The Spire CXP8000 color server uses the embedded
CSA when you set the RGB Workflow or CMYK Workflow parameters to Use Source CSA
(Job Parameters window > Color tab).

CMYK Emulation

Avoid ICC profile names that contain spaces or the improper characters. Examples of invalid
characters are as follows:! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - / ? > < ' " ; : ] [ { } \

Ensuring Font Substitution

If the Spire CXP8000 color server fails to substitute fonts and aren't printed in the output, clear
the Font Substitution Off check box in the virtual printer.


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