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Retrieving Jobs - Xerox C8 - DocuPrint Color Inkjet Printer Release Note

For docucolor 8000 digital press
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• Before you create any Darwin Variable Print Specification file, it is recommended that you
check the database file and all image files for invalid characters and then edit the files.
Variable Print Specification Image Files
The Spire application supports file types that use the Creo APR (Automatic Picture
Replacement) feature and the Synapse PrintXT extension. The supported file types are EPS,
TIFF, and CT.
Note: General PostScript errors may result when Synapse PrintXT is set to perform image
swapping on unsupported file types (PDF, LZW compressed TIFF, and grayscale bitmaps).
Print Shop Mail Jobs
• Print Shop Mail jobs that contain VI elements in landscape orientation are processed and
printed in portrait orientation.
• Print Shop Mail supports EPS images only.
• Variable Print Specification files that are generated from Print Shop Mail version 4.36 for
Macintosh and version 4.1 ~build 72 for Windows are not imposed correctly in the Spire
CXP8000 color server.

Retrieving Jobs

You can't retrieve a job if the host name and the virtual printer name together have more than 21
If you archive a job from another Spire color server such as the CXP52525 or CXP6060, and
then retrieve the job into the Spire CXP8000 color server, some of the job parameters may
change. Other Spire products do not support all of the CXP8000 features. In such cases, default
parameters from the CXP8000 ProcessPrint virtual printer are used. In addition, if resources such
as gradations, emulations, or paper sets don't exist in the CXP8000, you will be prompted to
change these parameters.


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