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Fuel Mixture; Filling The Tank - Electrolux HC 60/70 / PH 6HC 60/70 / PH 611 Instruction Manual

Electrolux chainsaw user manual


Table of Contents
• Keep all parts of the body and clothing away
from the blades during startup and while the
engine is running.
• Always work from a stable position on your feet.
• Do not use the hedge trimmer while standing
on a ladder or other unstable support.
• When trimming tall hedges or bushes, use a
stable, safe platform and stand in a stable posi-
tion without the risk of losing your balance.
• If you strike an object accidentally, switch off the
engine immediately and examine the machine.
• Make sure the grip and hand guard are in place
during use of the machine.
• When trimming or edging, keep the engine run-
ning at high speed; these operations should not
be carried out with the motor running at low
• Never lift the hedge trimmer above shoulder
height when using it.
• Always wait for the motor to idle before moving
the machine from one section of the shrub or
hedge to another.
Do not smoke while refueling!
• Open the cap on the tank by loosening it
• Fill the tank in the open, far from flames or
• Never add fuel in the tank when the engine
is running or hot, (let the engine cool off
before filling the tank) to avoid the risk of
• Avoid contact of the oil and fuel with the
skin and eyes.
• Fill the tank in a well-ventilated place.
• Do not inhale the fumes of the fuel mixture.
It is toxic.
• Store the fuel mixture in suitable fuel con-
tainers only.
• Do not use any other type of fuel than the
type recommended in this manual.
• This machine is equipped with a two-stroke
engine and should therefore be fueled with a
mixture of unleaded gasoline (with a mini-
mum octane rating = 90) and fully synthetic
oil specific for two-speed engines that use
unleaded gasoline in the proportions indi-
cated in the table on the cover, fig. (D)
• Stop the engine when changing to another
place or before examining the blades.
• Before starting to cut again make sure your
position is correct.
• To reduce the fire hazard keep the engine and
muffler free of twigs, leaves or excess lubricant.
• Watch out for the sharp edges and hot part of
the machine.
• Prolonged use of the machine or other equip-
ment expose the operator to vibrations that can
cause the White Finger Syndrome (Syndrome of
Raynaud). This could reduce the sensitivity of
the hands in distinguishing different tempera-
tures and cause a general numbness. The
operator should therefore check the conditions
of the hands and fingers if the machine is used
continuously or regularly. If one of the symp-
toms should appear, consult a doctor immedi-
D. Fuel Mixture
CAUTION! Control the specifications of
the oil shown on the package; the use of
oil lacking the specifications expressly indicat-
ed in this manual could cause serious damage
to the engine!
• To obtain the best mixture, pour the oil into an
approved container first, followed by the gaso-
line, and shake the container well (every time
you take fuel out of it).
• Be careful not to spill the gasoline.
• The characteristics of the mixture tend to deteri-
orate in time, so you should only prepare as
much mixture as you are going to need.


CAUTION! The following precautions
should be taken to reduce the fire hazard:
• Always ensure there is adequate ventilation.
• Do not smoke or take sources of heat or
sparks near the fuel.
• Refuel with the engine off.
• Open the cap on the tank carefully to elimi-
nate any excess pressure.
• Do not take the cap off the tank with the
engine running.
• After fueling, close the cap tightly.
• Fill the tank in a well-ventilated place.
• Place the machine on a solid flat surface so that
it cannot tip over, with the cap on the tank fac-
ing upward.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents