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Electrolux HC 60/70 / PH 6HC 60/70 / PH 611 Instruction Manual page 6

Electrolux chainsaw user manual


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Safety apparel:
Approved boots
Choke closed
(Hot ignition)
B - Description of the safety devices on the machine, Controls and
maintenance necessary to ensure safe conditions
WARNING! Never use the machine for any reason with its safety devices out of order
• This section describes the safety devices
installed on the machine, the controls and
maintenance to perform to keep them in perfect
working order.
• The general description section will help you to
identify the parts described in this section.
• The risk of accidents is greatly increased if
maintenance is not performed regularly or is not
performed professionally. In case of doubts,
contact an authorized service center.
B1 Safety lever
• This device was developed to prevent acciden-
tal pressing of the throttle control trigger A. The
trigger A only works if it is pressed at the same
time as the safety lever B. When the handle is
released, two separate springs return the throt-
tle trigger A and the safety lever B automatically
to their original positions.
B1 Stop button
• When the Stop button C is pressed in the direc-
tion indicated by the symbol, the engine shuts
• To check correct operation, start the engine and
make sure it shuts down when the Stop button
C is switched to the Stop position.
B2 Blade guide
• The blade guide (A) is an important device
developed to prevent accidental contact
between parts of the body and the blades.
• Periodically, check the conditions of the device
and have it replaced, if necessary, by an author-
ized service center.
B3 Hand guard
• The hand guard (B) prevents any accidental
contact of the hands with the blade unit.
Do not smoke when
refueling or using the
Choke open
(Cold ignition)
• Periodically, and always after any violent impact
to the guard, check its conditions.
B3 Safety lever on front handle
• This hedge trimmer is equipped with a safety
device (C) that greatly reduces the risk of acci-
dents, because if the machine is not gripped
with both hands, this safety device prevents the
engine from racing even if the accelerator is
pressed all the way down, and holds the blades
• To check correct operation of this important
device, try to press the accelerator all the way
down without gripping the front handle.
Normally, the engine should not race and the
blades should not move, otherwise the device
is not working correctly and the machine should
be taken promptly to a service center.
B4 Vibration damping system
• The vibration damping system reduces the
transfer of vibrations by means of springs and
shock absorbers in rubber located between the
engine/blades and the handles on the machine.
• Check regularly that the springs and rubber
shock absorbers are properly mounted and do
not exhibit any cracks or distortion.
B5 Muffler
• The muffler is designed to keep noise levels to a
minimum and to direct the engine exhaust
fumes away from the user.
• Comply with the following procedures for safe
use of the hedge trimmer.
CAUTION! The muffler can get very hot
during use and remain so for some time after
stopping. Contact of the area around the
muffler can result in burns to the skin.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents