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Safety Instructions - Electrolux HC 60/70 / PH 6HC 60/70 / PH 611 Instruction Manual

Electrolux chainsaw user manual


Remember the risk of fire. Make sure
the muffler is always correctly fastened to
the machine. Never use the machine with a
defective or damaged muffler.
CAUTION! Engine exhaust fumes con-
tain carbon monoxide which can cause poi-
soning. For this reason, you should not use
the machine indoors.
General precautions
• Use the product only for the purpose for which
it was designed.
• Do not use this machine for any other purpose
than trimming or edging shrubs, hedges or
• Always grip the machine firmly with both hands.
• Make sure you know how to stop the engine
and blades if necessary (see section on starting
and stopping the engine).
• CAUTION! The blades of the hedge trimmer
continue to move due to inertia even after the
engine has been switched off, so be very care-
ful of your hands as there is a real danger of
amputation of the fingers.
• Inspect the machine carefully prior to using it.
• Make sure there are no loose screws, damaged
parts or fuel leakage.
• Never allow children to use this machine.
• Never allow children or persons who are not
familiar with these instructions and sufficiently
trained to use the hedge trimmer. Local regula-
tions may indicate age limits for use.
• Anyone who uses the machine should be famil-
iar with the instructions for safe use of it as
described in this manual, and should be
instructed in the proper cutting techniques to
use, possibly by practical demonstration.
• Keep this manual with the machine when selling
or lending it to others so that the future users
can familiarize themselves with the product and
the instructions for safe use.
• Wear properly fitting protective working clothes
of approved type. Wear non-slip footwear,
gloves, glasses and hearing protection.
• Do not wear loose clothing and jewelry that
could catch in the moving parts of the machine.
• Keep hair fastened or gathered so that is does
not hang below shoulder level.
• Examine the work area and be careful of any
hazards (such as roads, driveways, power lines,
• Remove any rubbish or refuse from the work
• Any contact of the blades with other objects
• Never try to use a machine with any of its parts
• The operator or user is liable for any accidents
• Take account of any hazard that may not be
• Make sure there is someone in the vicinity with-
• Never use the machine when you are tired or
• When you transport the hedge trimmer in a
• During transportation or storage of the machine
Precautions for safe use of the machine
• Make sure any other persons or animals in the
• If any fuel is spilled on the machine, make sure
• Keep the grips clean and dry
• Never start the machine if the blades are dam-
• If you wear the McCulloch safety visor, make
CAUTION! Engine exhaust fumes can
get very hot and may contain sparks. Do not
use it near inflammable material
hanging tree limbs, etc.).
area such as cans, bottles, rocks, etc.
could cause serious injury to the operator, other
people or animals in the vicinity and the
missing or after any alterations have been made
to it by persons other than authorized service
or damages to third parties or property, and for
the dangers to which they may be exposed.
perceived because of the noise of the machine.
in safe calling distance in case of any accidents.
under the influence of any substances like
drugs or alcohol that could affect your physical
motor vehicle, place it in a stable fixed position
so that no fuel leaks out.
always fit the blade guard on the blades to pre-
vent accidental injury.
vicinity are at a safe distance (at least 10
meters). If necessary, use warning signals to
keep persons and animals at a safe distance.
the engine is completely dry before starting it.
aged or badly worn
sure to remove the transparent protective film, if



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