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HP D7171A - NetServer - LPr Installation Manual

Hp netserver lh 3 power supply upgrade manual.
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Power Supply Upgrade Kit
Installation Guide
HP Part Number 5967-2108
Printed in June 1998


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   Summary of Contents for HP D7171A - NetServer - LPr

  • Page 1

    HP NetServer LH 3/LH 3r Power Supply Upgrade Kit Installation Guide HP Part Number 5967-2108 Printed in June 1998...

  • Page 2: Audience Assumptions

    Hewlett-Packard assumes no responsibility for the use or reliability of its software on equipment that is not furnished by Hewlett-Packard.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Preface ......................1 Purpose of this Guide ..................1 Contents of this Guide ................... 2 Related Documentation ................. 2 1 Introduction ....................3 Verifying Contents ..................3 Prepare for Installation .................. 3 Tools You Need..................3 Installation Overview ..................3 Removing the Covers ..................

  • Page 5: Preface, Purpose Of This Guide

    Preface Purpose of this Guide This guide describes the steps you need to perform to install the HP NetServer LH 3/LH 3r Power Supply Upgrade Kit, HP Product Numbers D6093A and D6095A, into an HP NetServer LH 3/LH 3r. The kit adds a third power supply module (PSM) to the two PSMs that come standard with the server.

  • Page 6: Contents Of This Guide, Related Documentation

    Preface Contents of this Guide This guide includes the following topics: An Introduction, including verifying the contents of the shipping box Installation instructions for installing the cage, power supply module, and power supply fan module into the HP NetServer LH 3 or LH 3r Hardware warranty information Related Documentation The following documents describe the HP NetServer LH 3 and LH 3r:...

  • Page 7: Introduction, Verifying Contents, Prepare For Installation, Tools You Need, Installation Overview

    1 Introduction Verifying Contents The contents of the shipping box include: Power supply module (PSM) Power supply fan module Filler panel for the empty bay Power supply cage Prepare for Installation Gather the tools and the setup information you need to install the power supply module, cage, and fan module before removing them from their packaging.

  • Page 8: Removing The Covers

    Chapter 1 Introduction NOTE All components of the accessory kit must be installed in order for the power supply module to function properly. Removing the Covers CAUTION Never operate this NetServer without first installing all covers. Operating the system without all covers in place reduces critical cooling airflow over some components, such as hard disk drives and processor modules.

  • Page 9: Hp Netserver Lh 3

    Chapter 1 Introduction HP NetServer LH 3 To remove the covers: WARNING Turn off the HP NetServer and disconnect the power cord and telephone cord. 1. Unlock the bezel lock with the key from the key bag located on the rear of the HP NetServer (see Figure 1-1).

  • Page 10

    Chapter 1 Introduction 3. Loosen the thumbscrew at the front of covers 1 and 3 and pull the covers forward, using the handle on the covers, and then lift them off the chassis (see Figure 1-1). Tabs and Slots Thumbscrews Cover 3 Cover 1 Figure 1-1.

  • Page 11: Hp Netserver Lh 3r

    Chapter 1 Introduction HP NetServer LH 3r CAUTION Do not unscrew the LH 3r until you have extended the anti- tip foot from under the front of the rack. This anti-tip device must be extended to prevent the rack and LH 3r from tipping over, which could damage the LH 3r and injure people.

  • Page 12

    Chapter 1 Introduction Cover 1 Remove two screws Remove two screws securing LH 3r to rack securing LH 3r to rack Do not remove two screws securing the bracket to the LH 3r Cover 3 Do not remove three screws securing the hinge to the LH 3r Figure 1-3.

  • Page 13: Cage And Power Supply Installation, Introduction

    2 Cage and Power Supply Installation Introduction This chapter shows how to mount an additional power supply cage in an HP NetServer LH 3 or LH 3r. It then describes how to install the power supply module (PSM) in the empty cage. NOTE Before beginning this procedure: Shut down the HP NetServer operating system.

  • Page 14: Power Supply Cage Installation

    Chapter 2 Cage and Power Supply Installation Power Supply Cage Installation Before installing the power supply cage, remove covers 1 and 3 as described in Chapter 1. To install the cage, follow these steps: 1. Loosen the two Torx screws on the front panel to be removed cabinet (see Figure 2-1).

  • Page 15

    Chapter 2 Cage and Power Supply Installation 3. Grasp the cage front panel and remove it from the cabinet (see Figure 2-2). Set it aside. Torx Screws Front Panel Figure 2-2. Removing the Cage Front Panel 4. Remove the power supply module from the cage, then set the new cage in the open bay.

  • Page 16: Power Supply Installation

    Chapter 2 Cage and Power Supply Installation Push the cage in all the way. Bring the small, black middle connector up through the slot in the board above the power supply cage until the connector "clicks" and the plastic lock is in place. Check to make sure that the connector is secure.

  • Page 17

    Chapter 2 Cage and Power Supply Installation 1. Set the new PSM in the open bay (see Figure 2-4). The power supply can go into either side of the cage. Set the new power supply module in either side of the open bay.

  • Page 19: Installing The Fan Module, Installing Fan Module

    3 Installing the Fan Module Installing Fan Module Once the power supply cage and module are installed in the server, install the fan module from the Power Supply Upgrade Kit. Server power should still be off, and the covers 1 and 3 should be off the NetServer. The module includes two fans. It mounts directly in front of the existing power supply fan module.

  • Page 20

    Chapter 3 Installing the Fan Module 4. Replace covers 1 and 3. See "Replacing the Covers," in this section, for details. 5. Remove the yellow tamper evident plug (not pictured) from the power supply. Then plug in the power supply cord. The power cord retainer holds the plug in place.

  • Page 21: Replacing The Covers, Hp Netserver Lh 3, Hp Netserver Lh 3r

    Chapter 3 Installing the Fan Module Replacing the Covers After installing the power supply and fan module, replace the covers and bezel. HP NetServer LH 3 1. Insert the tabs inside cover 1 into the slots in the chassis and slide the side cover toward the rear.

  • Page 23: Warranty And Support, Hardware Warranty, Hp Repair And Telephone Support

    4 Warranty and Support The hardware warranty below applies to components purchased as accessories. If your component was factory installed as part of an HP NetServer model, refer to the warranty statement provided with your system documentation. Hardware Warranty This HP NetServer accessory is covered by a limited hardware warranty for a period of one year from receipt by the original end-user purchaser.

  • Page 25: A Regulatory Information

    A Regulatory Information For regulatory information pertaining to this HP accessory, please refer to the regulatory section of the user guide for the NetServer in which this accessory is installed.

  • Page 27: Index

    Index Accessory kit contents, 3 Installation overview, 3 Installation procedure cage, 10 Cage fan module, 15 installation procedure, 10 power supply, 12 Covers Introduction, 3 removing LH 3r, 7 removing LH3, 5 Kit contents, 3 removing, cautions and warnings, 4 replacing LH 3, 17 replacing LH 3r, 17 power supply, 16...

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