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HP D7171A - NetServer - LPr Configuration Manual

Netserver rack
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Expanding Possibilities
N e t S e r v e r R a c k
C o n f i g u r a t i o n
a higher
level of
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  Summary of Contents for HP D7171A - NetServer - LPr

  • Page 1 Expanding Possibilities N e t S e r v e r R a c k C o n f i g u r a t i o n Evolving a higher level of protection A p r i l 1 9 9 9...
  • Page 2 NetServer Rack Configuration Guide This configuration guide is If, for any reason, you are not able to use the Rack Assistant software, intended to allow you to: follow the steps below to create your custom rack solution. For details of each step, see the Configuration Details on pages 12 and 13. Calculate the power requirements, weight and stability of your rack solution...
  • Page 3 Rack System Selection List for NetServers Description Product Number Quantity For details, see page HP Rack System Model HP Rack System/E41 J1500A ______ HP Rack System/E33 J1501A ______ HP Rack System/E25 J1502A ______ HP Rack System/U33 J1466A ______ HP Rack System/U25 J1464A ______ Delivery Services...
  • Page 4: Delivery Services

    HP Rack System/E HP Rack System/E Advanced, full-featured rack for the most demanding rackmount requirements. Electronic Industry Association (EIA) standard compliant. Key Features Use the Rack System/E when you want: Extendible top allows for an additional 8U of vertical space Maximum configuration to be added to an existing rack flexibility...
  • Page 5 HP Rack System/U HP Rack System/U Utility rack for basic rackmounting needs. Electronic Industry Association (EIA) standard compliant. Key Features Ships and moves fully integrated, up to 1000 lbs. Numbered columns for easy integration Adequate ventilation for NetServer systems One-piece removable side panels Perforated rear door, solid top Bolt-on anti-tip foot Available in two sizes: 33U, 25U...
  • Page 6 Doors, Tie Kits and Side Panels Front Doors Key Features Perforated, 63% airflow Lockable latch for equipment security All equipment is visible through the perforations Mounting hardware included Use a front door to: Secure equipment from unwelcome access Perforation Material Provide a clean aesthetic finish to the rack Product No.
  • Page 7 PDUs, Cords/Cables Modular Power Distribution Units (PDUs) Key Features Up to four PDUs per rack Mounting hardware included Can be mounted vertically or horizontally on columns Use a PDU to: Conveniently provide power to rackmounted equipment E7675A Contents E7672A Contents 5-15P 5-20P L6-30P...
  • Page 8: Rackmount Kits

    Rackmount Kits Universal Rackmount Kits Keyboard Rackmount Kit Key Features Retracts into the rack when not in use Easy installation Fits all standard keyboards Mounting hardware included Use the keyboard kit to: Mount a keyboard and mouse J1518A Installed in Rack Keyboard Rackmount Kit Contents within a rack Note: These kits do not include a...
  • Page 9 Rackmount Kits, Switchboxes Server Rackmount Kits Key Features Designed to custom fit the server Mounting hardware included Easy installation Use the server rackmount kit to: Mount a server in a rack LH 3r Installed in Rack J1455B Rackmount Kit Contents Product No.
  • Page 10 Accessories Ballast Key Features Mounts easily to the rear columns Mounting hardware included Use ballast to: Provide an added measure of stability for servicing slide-mounted equipment. C2790A Installed in Rack Product No. Use with Kit contains C2790A All HP Racks 30 lb.
  • Page 11 Accessories (continued) Lift Hooks Key Features Each hook can support 500 lbs. Easy installation No additional hardware required Use lift hooks to: Lift a rack weighing up to 2000 lbs. for repositioning J1521A Installed on Rack Lift Hooks Product No. Use with Kit contains J1521A...
  • Page 12: Configuration Details

    Configuration Details Generate a complete list of products to be rackmounted. Don’t leave anything out. If you know you’ll be using more than 1 rack, list the items to be included in each rack. Determine the EIA units required for all equipment. Each rack has a specific amount of vertical mounting space which is measured in EIA units (1 EIA unit is equal to 1.75 inches or 45.44 mm).
  • Page 13 Configuration Details Weight and Balance Worksheet: 1. Total the weight of operator serviceable slide-mounted products: A =______lbs; B =______lbs; C =______lbs; D =______lbs; . . . 250 N or 56.25 lbs 2. Total the weight of all fixed and trained service personnel serviceable products: @ max height = 2 m a =______lbs;...
  • Page 14: Rack Specifications

    Rack Specifications Rack System/E 996.2 mm (39.2 in) 60.5 mm 596.2 mm 145.2 mm (23.5 in) 69.7 mm Top Cap Top Frame J1500A 1961.1 mm (77.2 in) 1824.7 mm (71.8 in) 595.6 mm 452.1 mm 111.2 mm (4.4 in) (23.4 in) (17.8 in) J1501A 1605.5 mm (63.2 in)
  • Page 15 NetServer Configuration Calculation Table Product Description Watts Rackmount Kit Number Units (lbs) Required* Servers HP NetServer LH 3r Included HP NetServer LXr Pro8 Included HP NetServer LXr Pro J1523A(1) HP NetServer LX Pro/LXe Pro 1455 1225 J1455B HP NetServer LHII/LH Pro/LD Pro J1491B HP NetServer LCII J1456B...
  • Page 16 Expanding Possibilities Technical information in this document is subject to change without notice. © Copyright Hewlett-Packard Company 1998. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction, adaptation, or translation without prior written permission is prohibited, except as allowed under the copyright laws. Update Information Last Electronic Update —...