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Document Filing Settings - Sharp MX-M450NA Administration Manual

Administrator settings guide
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Document filing settings

These settings can be used to change the factory default settings for the document filing function as needed to suit
the needs of your workplace.
This function can only be used on the MX-M350N/MX-M450N, or when the document filing function has been added.
When auditing mode is enabled for the document filing function,
● An account number must be entered to print an image that was scan-saved.
(Printing is not possible unless an account number is entered.)
● A count is kept of the number of pages printed by each account, making it possible to monitor each account's
usage of the document filing function (a document filing count is kept).
● A limit can be set for the number of scan-saved image file pages that can be printed.
Setting an administrator password
The administrator password is a 5-digit number that must be entered in order to access the key operator programs.
The administrator of the machine should change the factory default administrator password that was set at the factory
to a new 5-digit number. Be sure to remember the new administrator password, as it must be entered each time the
administrator settings are subsequently used. (Only one administrator password can be set.)
The administrator password is initially set to "00000" at the factory.
To change the administrator password, see "USING THE ADMINISTRATOR SETTINGS" on page 4.



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