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Document Filing Settings; Default Mode Settings; The Number Of User Name Displayed Setting; Sort Method Setting - Sharp MX-M450NA Administration Manual

Administrator settings guide
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This section explains administrator settings for the document filing function.
This function can only be used on the MX-M350N/MX-M450N, or when the document filing function has been added.

Document filing settings

"Document filing settings" consists of the following

Default mode settings

The number of user name displayed setting

Sort method setting

Document output options

Administrator authority setting

Default output tray

Delete all quick files

Scan complete sound setting
Initial resolution setting
Default exposure settings
Batch print settings
Default display setting
Default mode settings
This setting is used to select the initial state of the
confidential checkbox (selected or not selected) in the
detailed settings screen of the document filing function.
Touch the [CONFIDENTIAL MODE] in this setting if
you want the confidential checkbox to be initially
selected. Touch the [SHARING MODE] key if you do
not want the confidential checkbox to not be initially
selected. Normally the check box is not initially
The number of user name displayed setting
The number of user names displayed in one screen of
the user name list can be changed from 8 (this is the
normal setting) to 6 or 12.
Touch [6], [8], or [12] to select the number.
When 6 or 8 names per screen is selected, each
displayed key name can be up to 18 characters long.
When 12 names per screen is selected, each key
name can only be up to 10 characters long.
Sort method setting
This setting is used to select how lists of files stored in
"QUICK FILE FOLDER" are ordered. Select ordering
Document output options
This setting is used to select the operations (print and
send) that are allowed for stored files.
• The [PRINT] key in the [DOCUMENT OUTPUT
SETTINGS] screen controls printing from the [JOB
SETTINGS] screen.
For example, if the [PRINT] key in this setting is
touched and only the [COPY] and [FAX SEND
(INCL.PC-FAX)] checkboxes are selected in the
screen that subsequently appears, it will only be
possible to print stored files of copy jobs and fax jobs
from the [JOB SETTINGS] screen of document filing.
Files saved in modes that are not selected cannot be
printed from the [JOB SETTINGS] screen.
• Similarly, the [SCAN SEND], [FAX SEND], and
[I-FAX SEND] keys control the corresponding
transmission operations in the [JOB SETTINGS]
transmission screen.
Administrator authority setting
When a password has been established for a file, user
name or folder, this setting is used to allow the
administrator password to be entered instead of the
password in order to delete the item. This is only for
deletion; editing is not possible.
Default output tray
This setting is used when a finisher is installed to select
the output tray for printing of stored files.
Delete all quick files
This setting is used to delete all files except protected
files from the Quick File Folder.
File deletion begins when you touch the [DELETE] key
and then touch the [YES] key in the message that
To have all files (except protected files) automatically
deleted from the Quick File Folder each time the power
is turned on, select the [DELETE QUICK FILES AT



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