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Overview Of The Plg150-an - Yamaha PLG150-AN Owner's Manual

Analog physical modeling plug-in board modular synthesis plug-in system.
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Overview of the PLG150-AN

The PLG150-AN gives you a full-featured, powerful synthesizer with stunning analog-like sound —
thanks to the Analog Physical Modeling system — in a compact plug-in board. In addition to being
packed with standard synthesizer "modules" (including VCO, VCF and VCA) that provide compre-
hensive, flexible control over the sound, the PLG150-AN also features a built-in Arpeggio and Step
Sequencer for generating and playing back complex patterns at the touch of a key.
Easy Installation
Once it is connected, the PLG150-AN automatically becomes another sound source in the tone gener-
ator/sound card, and can be used as one of the instrument Parts. You can create your own original AN
voices and combine AN voices with the other voices in the "mother" device.
256 Voices and Five-note Polyphony
The PLG150-AN is packed with a total of 256 dynamic and powerful voices, each of which can be
changed temporarily, using the Part Edit parameters, or edited (using the AN Expert Editor software)
to create your own original voices. With the five notes of polyphony, you can play the rich sounds
with full-handed chords, or use the Unison mode to create huge, fat monophonic sounds.
Comprehensive Editing Functions
Naturally, the AN voices can be processed and edited in the same way as the normal voices of the tone
generator/sound card. Moreover, once you've equipped your tone generator with the PLG150-AN
board, a special set of AN parameters become automatically available — letting you edit and change
the sounds as desired. And for further editing convenience and power, the included AN Easy Editor
and AN Expert Editor software let you change all parameters from a computer.
Super Fat Unison Sound
The PLG150-AN gives you all the sonic power and punch of vintage analog synthesizers with the
Unison feature. This slightly detunes each of the five available sound elements in a voice, and gangs
them together to create one huge, fat monophonic sound.
Powerful "Morphing" Control
This exceptionally powerful function allows you to use any MIDI controller (such as a modulation
wheel, foot controller, or after touch) to "morph" or crossfade between two distinct voices — in real
time as you play! Naturally, you can record controller data to a sequencer for automated morphing
within a song as well. This lets you create dramatic or subtle sonic changes in your performance or


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