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An System Parameters - Yamaha PLG150-AN Owner's Manual

Analog physical modeling plug-in board modular synthesis plug-in system.
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Dist Drive (Distortion Drive)
Range: off, -63 — +63
This determines the amount of distortion "drive" for the guitar amplifier simulation effect block. The
higher the value, the greater the degree of distortion in the sound. When this is et to "off," the guitar
amplifier simulation block is bypassed, regardless of the setting of the selected voice.
AC1CtrlPrm (AC1 Control Parameter Number)
Settings: off, P:1 — P:46
This determines which PLG150-AN parameter number is to be controlled by the Assignable Controller
(AC1). This allows you to continuously control any one of the PLG150-AN parameters in real time with
the desired MIDI controller (modulation wheel, breath controller, foot controller, etc.). For a list of the
parameters that can be controlled, see page 49. When this is set to "off," AC1 control over the
PLG150-AN is disabled.
AC1CtrlDp (AC1 Control Depth)
Range: -64 — drct (direct) — +63
This determines the depth over which the AC1 controller affects the specified PLG150-AN parameter
(set in AC1 Control Parameter Number above).
When the Control Depth is set to "drct," the Direct Control function is enabled, allowing you to directly
edit the parameter assigned to the controller within its original range.

AN System Parameters

Part Assign
Settings: 01 — 16, off
This determines the Part to which the PLG150-AN voice is assigned. If a Part is not properly assigned
here, none of the PLG150-AN voices can be selected for the Part. (This applies to XG Plug-in System
compatible "mother" devices.)
The actual controller that is used to affect the PLG150-AN is determined by the Assignable Controller
1 Control Change Number parameter (in the Modular Synthesis Plug-in System PLG voice or the XG
Part parameters). Refer to the relevant section in the manual of your specific synthesizer/tone genera-
The PLG150-AN voices can only be assigned to a single Part.


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