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HP 316095-B21 - StorageWorks Edge Switch 2/24 Release Note

Hp storageworks ha-fabric manager release notes, v08.08.00 (aa-rur6h-te, december 2005).
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HP StorageWorks
HA-Fabric Manager release notes
Part number: AA–RUR6H–TE/958–000288–012
Tenth edition: (December 2005)


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   Summary of Contents for HP 316095-B21 - StorageWorks Edge Switch 2/24

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    HP StorageWorks HA-Fabric Manager release notes Part number: AA–RUR6H–TE/958–000288–012 Tenth edition: (December 2005)

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    © Copyright 2003 — 2005-by Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. Hewlett-Packard Company makes no warranty of any kind with regard to this material, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Hewlett-Packard shall not be liable for errors contained herein or for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing, performance, or use of this material.

  • Page 3: About This Document

    About this document These release notes describe the contents of the HAFM software kit, and any last-minute additions or notes on the configuration or use of HAFM software. Be sure to read these notes before installing the HAFM. This information is available and periodically updated on the following HP web site:

  • Page 4

    • HAFM88_win—Directory for HAFM install file • setup.exe—Install file for HAFM applications • Open_Bridge_Agent_Installer—Directory for installer • copyright.txt—File used for installer • HPBridgeAgent_install.pdf—Installation guide for HP Bridge Agent Installer • BridgeAgentInstall.exe—File used for installer • version.txt—HP Bridge Agent version file •...

  • Page 5

    HAFM software version 08.08.00 The HAFM appliance has the latest version of the HAFM software preinstalled. It is also contained on the HP StorageWorks ha-fabric manager software CD (Part Number 516-000008-002, Rev A). HAFM 08.08.00 applies to the 1U rack-mount appliance only and cannot be installed on the notebook server.

  • Page 6: Important Information

    Important information This section describes important information related to the HAFM software, the Edge Switch 2/24, Edge Switch 2/32, Director 2/64, Director 2/140, and McDATA 4Gb SAN Switch. Features not supported in this release The following HAFM features are not supported in this release: •...

  • Page 7

    To disable the SNMP Proxy: Open a Telnet session. Log in to the switch. Enter admin start and press ENTER. Enter set setup snmp and press ENTER. Set the ProxyEnabled setting to False. The message Do you want to save and activate the [n] is displayed.

  • Page 8

    • If Switch Binding is activated using the Element Manager with an F-Port logged in to the McDATA 4Gb SAN Switch that is not in the Switch Binding membership list (for example, an administrator command has not logged out the unwanted port), Fabric Binding cannot be activated using HAFM.

  • Page 9

    Predictive optics monitoring Through HAFM, HAFM Basic, and the CLI, users can monitor the health of the Fibre Channel optics installed in Edge Switch and Director products. Optics identified as degraded are flagged and can be replaced during a scheduled maintenance time, preventing an unplanned outage.

  • Page 10

    • Before enabling SNMPv3, ensure that all desired community strings are configured for SNMPv3 access. If the community strings are not configured for SNMPv3, then SNMP access will be lost. Documentation released with HAFM 08.08.00 To support these products, McDATA Corporation (the product developer) and HP (the product OEM) provide documentation.

  • Page 11

    HAFM 08.08.00 improvements The HP StorageWorks HA-Fabric Manager Transition Guide, shipped with the product, explains upgrading HAFM from an earlier version. HAFM and firmware compatibility Table 2 lists the minimum version of HAFM that can run with the various versions of firmware for the Directors and Edge Switches.

  • Page 12

    Table 3 HAFM and firmware compatibility HAFM version (minimum) Firmware version for Edge Switches and Directors 01.01.02 04.00.01 (HP EFCM) 01.02.02-06 04.01.02-14 (SDCM) 01.03.00-35 04.02.00-40 (HP EFCM) 01.04.00-01 04.02.00-40 (SDCM) 02.00.00-33 06.00.00-45 (HP EFCM) 02.00.02-01 06.00.02-06 04.01.02-04 06.03.01-05 05.02.00-13 07.01.00-09 (Notebook Server) 05.02.00-13 07.02.00-09 (HAFM Appliance) 05.05.00-12...

  • Page 13

    HAFM upgrade required for Edge Switch and Director firmware 08.xx.xx and McDATA 4Gb SAN Switch firmware To upgrade to firmware 08.01.00 for Edge Switches and Directors, you must first upgrade the HAFM software to 07.01.00-9 (minimum) if you are using the Notebook HAFM Server to manage the Director or Edge Switch.

  • Page 14: Zoning Limits

    Default zone is disabled by default The default zone on the Directors, Edge Switches, and McDATA 4Gb SAN Switches is disabled by default. Zoning must be configured in order for devices connected to the Director, Edge Switch, or McDATA 4Gb SAN Switch to communicate. Some IP addresses must be avoided If you use HAFM to manage other M-Series Fabric Directors and Edge Switches, do not use IP addresses in the following range:...

  • Page 15

    Product view issues When you sort the Product List by Domain ID and a McDATA 4Gb SAN Switch is in the list, the column may not sort correctly. Switch may not be discovered if it uses a previously discovered IP address When a switch has been removed from HAFM management and another switch is added using the same IP address, HAFM may not discover the new switch.

  • Page 16

    • Application logs are not updated until the logs are opened. External Loop diagnostic may show incorrect result If an External Loop test is run on a port and the required external loopback plug is not inserted into that port, the test result should show the test as failed. However, it shows the test as incomplete.

  • Page 17

    Downgraded firmware may not be displayed If a switch has been downgraded to firmware 07.01.03, the version displayed in the fabric tree may not be correct. Offline McDATA 4Gb SAN Switch status is displayed incorrectly The Operational Status column does not update correctly when a McDATA 4Gb SAN Switch is taken offline.

  • Page 18: Zoning Restrictions

    Persisted fabric not supported with non-McDATA principal switch Persisted fabric will not function properly if connection is lost to the principal switch which is not an M-Series or McDATA switch. Persisted fabrics are keyed off the principal switch. A switch that is not an M-Series or McDATA switch cannot be managed by HAFM.

  • Page 19

    Workaround Do not activate a zoneset with 2048 or more zones. For Solaris, Linux, and AIX remote clients, add the zoneset XML file and either remove the reference to the DTD file or specify the full path to the DTD file. Setting date/time of the HAFM appliance to an earlier time may cause loss of management When changing the HAFM appliance time to an earlier time, the Ethernet link to...

  • Page 20

    • Which LAN is to be the private LAN for communication between the HAFM appliance, and the Directors and Edge Switches that the HAFM appliance manages? • Which LAN is to be the public LAN for communication between the HAFM appliance and computers seeking remote client access to the HAFM appliance? The issue arises because either LAN connection on the HAFM appliance can be the public LAN or the private LAN.

  • Page 21

    the down time but it is actually unknown. The reporting is inaccurate for that portion of the graph. FL Ports do not show destination icon or destination port in performance graphs FL Ports do not show destination switch icon or destination port in performance graphs. This is because there can be up to 127 devices on a loop port, and they cannot be displayed in the space in the tables.

  • Page 22

    Error message window may display after you close the HAFM application An error message stating “Operation failed" may display after exiting an HAFM application which manages a large number of devices. This message is incorrect and should be ignored. Modem-based Call Home Configuration icon still appears after LAN-based Call Home is installed The Call Home Configuration icon that is used when the modem-based call home has been selected during HAFM installation, still appears when the LAN-based call home...

  • Page 23

    SNMP traps are not displayed in the Event Log SNMP traps that are sent through a firewall are not displayed in the Event Log. Disconnected ISL may not generate Event Log entry Log entries are not generated when a link between switches is disconnected. Connection offline and Connection online events are not created in the Master Log.

  • Page 24

    Losing LAN connection to the HAFM appliance when logged in to HAFM If the LAN connection to the HAFM appliance is lost while you are logged in to HAFM, the application may stop. Workaround The LAN connection must be restored. Stopping HAFM has no impact on the Fibre Channel operations of any Edge Switch or Director.

  • Page 25

    HP-UX parameters may need to be changed before you run the HAFM client The following two HP-UX 11.0 kernel parameters are set too low for most Java applications. Usually you will see this problem as a java.lang.OutOf unable to create new native thread error. To resolve MemoryError: the issue, edit the following parameter limits: •...

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