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Yamaha 503 Reference Manual: Midi System Settings

Reference manual.
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MIDI System Settings

The explanations here apply to the SYSTEM Page in step 4 on
Use the [A]/[B] buttons to select the parameters (below), then set the ON/OFF status by using the [1 ▲▼]–[8
▲▼] buttons.
1 Local Control
Turns the Local Control for each part on or off. When Local Control is set to "ON," the keyboard of the
instrument controls its own (local) internal tone generator, allowing the internal Voices to be played
directly from the keyboard. If you set Local to "OFF," the keyboard and controllers are internally
disconnected from the instrument's tone generator section so that no sound is output when you play the
keyboard or use the controllers. For example, this allows you to use an external MIDI sequencer to play
the instrument's internal Voices, and use the instrument keyboard to record notes to the external sequencer
and/or play an external tone generator.
2 Clock setting, etc.
Determines whether the instrument is controlled by its own internal clock or a MIDI clock signal received
from an external device. INTERNAL is the normal Clock setting when the instrument is being used alone
or as a master keyboard to control external devices. If you are using the instrument with an external
sequencer, MIDI computer, or other MIDI device, and you want to synchronize it to that device, set this
parameter to the appropriate setting: MIDI, USB 1, or USB 2. In this case, make sure that the external
device is connected properly (e.g., to the instrument's MIDI IN terminal), and that it is properly
transmitting a MIDI clock signal. When this is set for control by an external device (MIDI, USB 1 or USB
2), the Tempo is indicated as "Ext." in the Main display.
If the Clock is set other than INTERNAL, the Style or Song cannot be played from the panel buttons.
Turns MIDI clock (F8) transmission on or off. When set to OFF, no MIDI clock or Start/Stop data is
transmitted even if a Song or Style is played back.
Determines whether or not the instrument's transpose setting is applied to the note events received by the
instrument via MIDI.
Determines whether incoming FA (start) and FC (stop) messages affect Song or Style playback.
3 MESSAGE SW (Message Switch)
The "Tx" setting turns MIDI transmission of MIDI System Exclusive messages on or off. The "Rx" setting
turns MIDI reception and recognition of MIDI System Exclusive messages generated by external
equipment on or off.
The "Tx" setting turns MIDI transmission of MIDI chord exclusive data (chord detect. root and type) on or
off. The "Rx" setting turns MIDI reception and recognition of MIDI chord exclusive data generated by
external equipment on or off.
CVP-509/505/503/501 Reference Manual



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