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Reference manual.
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The Quantize function allows you to align the timing of all the notes in a channel. For example, if you
record the musical phrase shown at right, you may not play it with absolute precision, and your
performance may have been slightly ahead of or behind the precise timing. Quantize is a convenient way
of correcting for this.
[2 ▲▼]/
[3 ▲▼]
[4 ▲▼]–
[6 ▲▼]
[7 ▲▼]/
[8 ▲▼]
Determines which MIDI channel in the Song data is to be quantized.
Selects the quantize size (resolution). For optimum results, you should set
the Quantize size to the shortest note value in the channel. For example, if
eighth notes are the shortest in the channel, you should use eighth note as
the Quantize size.
1/4 note
1/8 note
1/4 note
1/8 note
The three Quantize settings marked with asterisks (*) are exceptionally
convenient, since they allow you to quantize two different note values at
the same time. For example, when the straight eighth notes and eighth
notes triplet are contained in the same channel, if you quantize by the
straight eighth notes, all notes in the channel are quantized to straight
eighth notes—completely eliminating any triplet feel. However, if you
use the eighth note + eighth note triplet setting, both the straight and trip-
let notes will be quantized correctly.
Determines how strongly the notes will be quantized. A setting of 100%
produces exact timing. If a value less than 100% is selected, notes will be
moved toward the specified quantization beats according to the specified
percentage. Applying less than 100% quantization lets you preserve some
of the "human" feel in the recording.
Quarter-note length
Original data
(assuming 4/4 meter)
strength =100
strength =50
After 1/8 note quantization
1/16 note
1/32 note
1/16 note
1/8 note+
1/8 note triplet*
CVP-509/505/503/501 Reference Manual
1/16 note+
1/8 note triplet*
1/16 note+
1/16 note triplet*



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