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Yamaha 503 Reference Manual Page 90

Reference manual.
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When you've finished editing, press the [EXIT] button to return to the MIDI template
Selection display.
Select USER tab display by using the TAB [E][F] buttons, then press the [6 ▼] (SAVE)
button to save the edited template.
■ Pre-programmed MIDI Templates
Master KBD
Clock Ext.
MIDI Accord 1
MIDI Accord 2
MIDI Pedal 1
MIDI Pedal 2
CVP-509/505/503/501 Reference Manual
Transmits all parts including the keyboard parts (RIGHT 1, 2, and LEFT), with
the exception of Song parts.
Basically the same as "ALL PARTS" with the exception of how keyboard parts
are managed. The right-hand parts are handled as a "UPPER" instead of
RIGHT 1 and 2 and the left-hand part is handled as a "LOWER."
In this setting, the instrument functions as a "master" keyboard, playing and
controlling one or more connected tone generators or other devices (such as a
All transmit channels are set to correspond to Song channels 1–16. This is used
to play Song data with an external tone generator and to record Song data to an
external sequencer.
Playback or recording (Song, Style, etc.) synchronizes with an external MIDI
clock instead of the instrument's internal clock. This template should be used
when you wish to set the tempo on the MIDI device connected to the instru-
MIDI accordions allow you to transmit MIDI data and play connected tone
generators from the keyboard and bass/chord buttons of the accordion. This
template lets you play melodies from the keyboard and control Style playback
on the instrument with the left-hand buttons.
Basically the same as "MIDI Accord1" above, with the exception that the
chord/bass notes you play with your left hand on the MIDI Accordion are rec-
ognized also as MIDI note events.
MIDI pedal units allow you play connected tone generators with your feet
(especially convenient for playing single note bass parts). This template lets
you play/control the chord root in Style playback with a MIDI pedal unit.
This template lets you play the bass part for Style playback by using a MIDI
pedal unit.
No MIDI signals are sent or received.



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