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Yamaha 503 Reference Manual Page 80

Reference manual.
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■ 3BAND EQ (selected by [A] or [F] button)
EQ (Equalizer) is a processor that divides the frequency spectrum into multiple bands which can be
boosted or cut as required to tailor the overall frequency response. The instrument features a high-grade
three-band (LOW, MID and HIGH) digital equalizer function for the microphone sound.
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[3 ▲▼]/
[5 ▲▼]
[2 ▲▼]/
[4 ▲▼]/
[6 ▲▼]
■ NOISE GATE (selected by [C] or [H] button)
This effect mutes the input signal when the input from the microphone falls below a specified level. This
effectively cuts off extraneous noise, allowing the desired signal (vocal, etc.) to pass.
[1 ▲▼]
[2 ▲▼]
■ COMPRESSOR (selected by [C] or [H] button)
This effect holds down the output when the input signal from the microphone exceeds a specified level.
This is especially useful for smoothing out vocals that have widely varying dynamics. It effectively
"compresses" the signal, making soft parts louder and loud parts softer.
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[4 ▲▼]
[5 ▲▼]
[6 ▲▼]
■ MIC MUTE (selected by [C] or [H] button)
[8 ▲▼]
■ MIC VOLUME (selected by [E] or [J] buttons)
[8 ▲▼]
■ VOCAL HARMONY CONTROL (selected by [E] or [J] button)
The following parameters determine how the Vocal Harmony is controlled.
[1 ▲▼]–
[3 ▲▼]
CVP-509/505/503/501 Reference Manual
Adjusts the center frequency of the corresponding band.
Boosts or cuts the level of the corresponding band by up to 12 dB.
SW (Switch)
This turns Noise Gate on or off.
TH. (Threshold)
This adjusts the input level at which the gate begins to open.
SW (Switch)
This turns Compressor on or off.
TH. (Threshold)
This adjusts the input level at which compression begins to be applied.
This adjusts the compression ratio.
Adjusts the final output level.
When set to ON, the microphone sound is turned off.
Adjusts the output volume of the microphone sound.
The Vocal Harmony effect in Vocoder mode
note data—the notes you play on the keyboard and/or the notes of the
song data. This parameter lets you determine which notes are used to con-
trol the harmony.
When set to "MUTE," the channel selected below (to control Harmony) is
muted (turned off) during keyboard performance or song playback.
When set to "OFF," song data control over harmony is turned off. When
set to one of the values 1–16, note data (played from a Song on the Clavi-
nova or external MIDI sequencer) contained on the corresponding chan-
nel is used to control the harmony.
81) is controlled by



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