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Shelves And Storage Drawers - Kenmore 7759 - Elite 24.8 cu. Ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Owner's Manual

Owners manual
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Table of Contents
Shelves and Storage Drawers
Shelves in the refrigerator are adjustable
Place them in
the best position far your foods_
To remove a shelf:
_ []
Tilt the shelf up at front,
\ "ri_t up
then lift it up and outof
the tracks on the rear walt.
To replace
a shelf:
With the shelf front raised
slightly, put the top hooks in
the tracks on the rear wail.
Then lower the front of the shelf
until it locks into position
Shelves (onsomemodels)
Spitlproof shelves have
special edges to he!p prevent
spills from dripping to lower
Some shelves slide out for
easy access. Make sure
you push the shelves all
the way back in before
closing the door.
Some spiHproofshelves
slide out for easy access
Handi Dishes
j__jiti i
i 'i J
(on some models)
dishes with durable see_
through lids fit into a rack that hangs on and can be
relocated on the fresh food compartment door.
Dishes and lids are safe for use in microwave ovens,
refrigerators, freezers, and are dishwasher-safe. The
dishes should not be used for cooking high-fat foods such
as bacon and high-sugar foods such as candy and syrup_
The high temperatures of the fat and sugar can cause
bubbles to Form on the inside of the dish.
Dishes and lids are not designed for use in
the regular oven, on the range-top or in the broiler Such
use can be hazardous..
Removable Door Bins [on
some models)
To remove
bin: Lift the bin
straight up unlil the mounting
hooks come out of the tracks..
To relocate
bin: Place the
hooks in the slots and push
down until the bin locks in
Dividers can be moved
from side to side to keep
items secure so lhey won't
tip, spill or slide.
Storage Bin
(on some models)
The storage bin is a removable
tilt-out bin that provides
convenient covered storage°
To remove the bin, lift it up
and out of the bin housing
To move the storage
bin, lift it up and aut of the slots
on the door To replace it, lower the hooks on the housing
into the slots on the door°
You do not have to remove the bin from the housing
when moving the storage bin.
To open, push the latch up and pull the bin handle
To avoid
the refrigerator,
make sure
the bin is closed and latched before closing the
refrigerator door

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Table of Contents

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