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Ovacation And Moving Precautions - Kenmore 7759 - Elite 24.8 cu. Ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Owner's Manual

Owners manual
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Table of Contents
Cube dispenser d oesnotwork
No ice cubes Remove storage container, ff cubes are
frozen to wire arm, remove cubes
° No ice cubes, Icemaker or water supply turned off.
° Irregular ice clumps in storage container
Break up as
many as you can with fingertip pressure and discard the
remaining clumps.
Water has poor taste/odor
° If water dispenser has not been used for an extended
period, dispense several glassfuls of water to eliminate taste
temporarily imparted by the water line.
° PooNasting incoming water, Install a water filter
Water dispenser does not work
° Water supply line turned off or not connected,
* Supply line may be clogged with sedimenL
* If no water isdispensed when the refrigerator is first
installed, there may be air in the water system Pressthe
dispenser pad for at least lwo minutes to remove trapped
from the water line and to fill the water system
Moisture forms on outside of refrigerator
o Not unusual during periods of high humidity
Moisture collects inside
o Too frequent or too long door openings,
• In humid weather, air carries moisture into refrigerator
when doors are opened,
Water on floor
o The drain in the bottom oflhe freezer may be clogged,
Remove any ice on the freezer bottom and clean the drain
Refer to Care and Cleaning section
Hot air from bottom of refrigerator
° Normal air flow cooling motor in the refrigeration
process,it is normal that heat be expelled in the area
under the refrigerator Some floor coverings will discolor
at these normal and safe operating temperatures Your
floor covering supplier should be consulted ifyou object
to thisdiscoloration°
Interior light does not work
• No power at outfet
• Light bulb nccc]s replacing See Care and Cleaning
Refrigerator has odor
o Food with strong odors should be tightly covered
• Check for spoiled food
• Interior needs cleaning Refer to Care and Cleaning
• Defrost water system needs cleaning
• Keep open box of baking soda in refrigerator; replace
every three months
Water Filter Accessory
(optional at extra cost)
Your ice cubes can only be as fresbtasting as the water
that produces them Thal's why it's a good idea to purify
the water with a water filter_
The water fitter is an optional part at extra cost and is
available from your Sears Service Center_ Order Filter
No. 978488
and it may be installed in minutes when
attached to the inlet water tube connection
Water Supply Accessory Kit
(optional at extra cost)
A water supply kit containing copper tubing, shut-off
valve, fittings and instructionsneeded to connect the
icemaker to your cold water line is also available from
your Sears store or Sears Service Center°
Disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet, remove all
food and clean and dry the interior. Secure all loose items
by taping them securely in p_ace Keep the refrigerator in
an upright position during actual moving and in the van._
Secure the refrigerator in the van to prevent movement,
and protect the outside with a bIanket
For extended
vacations or absences, shut off power to
the refrigerator, move the numbered control to the OFF
position, and clean the interiorwith a baking soda solution
of one tablespoon of baking soda to one quart of water.
Wipe dry To prevent odors, leave an open box of baking
soda in the refrigerator. Leave the doors open
For shorter vacations,
remove perishable foods and
leave controls at their regular settings However, if room
temperature isexpected to drop below 60 ° F_,follow the
instructions in the Adjusting the Controls section.
Set icemaker to the STOP position and shut off water supply
to refrigerator

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Table of Contents

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