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Games; Tata Zone - Haier C6000 User Manual

User manual
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11 FM
A compatible headset i.e. provided, as a standard accessory needs to be attached
to the device for the FM radio to function properly. The FM radio depends on an
antenna other than the wireless device's antenna.
To set channels manually use left & right navigation key to set the desired frequency & select
save option to store the channel in the list.
For tuning automatically, use auto search option, channels will get saved automatically in the
You can assign names to each channel using edit option.

12 Games

Two games are provided in the phone, including LinkLong and MagicBlock.

13 TATA zone

Under the TATA Zone menu, there are function options, including:
"MobileShop" , "t-Pix" , "t-Music", "Settings" and "Help". The number of
applications which download or saved in phone is only related with the capacity of phone
memory, not the RUIM card.
You can enter TATA Zone directly by press Up key.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents