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Basic Functions - Haier C6000 User Manual

User manual
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3 Basic Functions

Switching On/Off
In the power off status, long press the Power Key to switch on the phone.
In the power on status, long press the Power Key to switch off the phone.
Making phone call
Making phone call using the keypad
1. In the standby mode, enter the phone number you want to dial, and press the Send Key to
make the call. To delete a character to the left of the cursor, press <Clear>.To save the
number, press <Options> and select Save number.
2. To end the call, press the End Key.
Making phone call using contacts
1. In the standby mode, press <Contacts> or press <Menu> to access the Main menu >
2. Select List to view the contacts list, and press Up/Down key to choose a contact, or select
Search to search out the contact you want to call, either by name or by number.



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