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Fun & Games; Call History; Settings; Dual Sim Settings - Haier M300 User Manual

User manual


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Center select key: enter the sub-menu
5.6 Fun & Games
You can play the game provided by your phone and set the games settings.

6. Call history

Call history stores information about the missed calls, dialled calls, and received calls.
You can view the call timers, call cost, text msg. counter, and GPRS counter, or delete SIM1/
SIM2 call logs.
Notes: This function should only be used for reference. For details, please consult your network

7. Settings

7.1 Dual SIM settings

The menu is used to set SIM card application, including Dual SIM open, Only SIM1 open, Only
SIM2 open, and Flight mode.

7.2 Phone settings

Enter the submenu Phone Settings to operate:


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