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Text Entry - Haier C6000 User Manual

User manual
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Operations during a call
During a call press <Options> and one of the following options: Contacts, Messages, DTMF
on (off), New call, Mute on (off), Phone info, Voice privacy,Long DTMF on.
Keypad lock
The keypad lock can prevent you from accidental calls. If the keypad is locked, it unlocks
when you receive a call. After the call, the lock automatically locked again. When the keypad
is locked, calls may be possible to the official emergency number programmed in your phone.
Press [*] key for more then 2 seconds to unlock the keypad.

4 Text Entry

Text input method
Your phone provides following text input methods:
English input method: input English characters.
Numeric input method: input numeric characters.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents