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3. Press the Send Key to make the phone call.
Making phone call using last dialled number
1. In the standby mode, press the Send Key to access the All calls screen.
2. Scroll to the number or name you wish to redial, and press the Send Key.
Making phone call using speed dial
In standby mode, long press a number key to make phone call.
Making a conference call
Conference call is a network service that allows you to take part in a conference call with
other participants.
1. Make a call to the first participant.
2. Enter the phone number of the second participant; or search a number from your Contacts,
press <Search> and find out the number you want to call.
3. Press the Send Key, The first participant is put on hold.
4. When the second participant picks up, press the Send Key to connect the calls.
5. To end the conference call, press the End Key.



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