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Summary of Contents for Haier C2040

  • Page 3 The contents of this manual maybe different with the cell phone please use according to the cell phone. Travel Charger Haier reserves the right to revise this document or withdraw it at any time without prior notice. Headset User manual...
  • Page 4 Safety Precautions conditions cannot be guaranteed. You should never rely solely on the phone for essential communications. Please read these simple guidelines. Not following them may be dangerous or Battery illegal. For further information, see the section of “Warnings and Precautions”. Never use a charger or battery that is damaged in any way.
  • Page 5 you or damage the phone. Do not use or store the phone in dusty, dirty areas, as its moving parts may be damaged. Follow any restrictions. Wireless devices can cause interference in aircraft. Do not store the phone in hot areas. High temperatures can shorten the life of electronic devices, damage batteries, and warp or melt certain plastics.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Children Safety Contents Put your phone, battery, and charger in places beyond the reach of children. Do 1 Getting to Know Your Phone ................1 not allow children to use the phone, battery, or charger without guidance. 2 Getting Started ....................4 Do not allow children to put the battery in mouth, for electrolyte in the battery is poisonous.
  • Page 7: Getting To Know Your Phone

    signals from your Mobile Phone. Consult the manufacturer to discuss alternatives. 1 Getting to Know Your Phone Hospital Basic specification Do not take your phone into the Operation Theatre (OT), Intensive Care Unit Size: 100.7mm ×43mm ×14.1mm (ICU), or Coronary Care Unit (CCU). Standby Time: about 115 hours Do not use your phone at places of medical treatment where it is prohibited to use mobile phones.
  • Page 8 Name Description The contact can not get Please check if your mic is blocked by fittings or Left soft key In standby mode, press left soft key to main menu. your voice when making other blocks. Right soft key In standby mode, press right soft key to Names. phone call Up key In standby mode, short press up key to enter TATA Zone menu.
  • Page 9 Common problems Icon bar Check item Icon Description Please check if the charger is properly connected to Can not charge Indicates signal strength. the phone and the power source jack. Indicates call in progress. Please check if the battery level is too low; Indicating the mobile phone is under roaming service mode.
  • Page 10: Getting Started

    This service is provided by local network provider. Please confirm and contact with 2 Getting Started network provider firstly. The icon of internet applications will display here, If some Install and charge the phone internet applications have been downloaded. 1. Remove the battery cover 2.
  • Page 11: Basic Functions

    Use it to listen to the radio. You can use the FM radio after you plug the earphone, 3 Basic Functions and you can listen to your favourite program. In the radio main interface, you can Switching On/Off use left and right keys to change the volume and up and down keys to switch In the power off status, long press the Power Key to switch on the phone.
  • Page 12 chapter 5 for more information about setting speed dial. Your phone contains features to help organize your life including Alarm, Scheduler, Making a conference call Calculator, Tip calculator,World clock,FM , and Stopwatch. Conference call is a network service that allows taking part in a conference call Alarm clock with other participants.
  • Page 13: Text Entry

    You can get SW version and PRL version and HW version. Press the navigation key of your phone to adjust the volume of the receiver during Auto Keyguard a call. Use this menu to set the keypad of your phone to lock automatically after a preset While adjusting the volume, a bar chart appears on the display indicating the time delay when the phone is in the standby mode and no function of the phone volume level.
  • Page 14 Your phone provides following text input methods: PIN management: In the standby mode, press <Menu> to access the Main English input method: input English characters; menu >Settings > Security> PIN management and one of the following menus: Numeric input method: input numeric characters; PIN lock, PIN change.
  • Page 15 Time Format You can select 12 hour Mode or 24 hour Mode. Press [1] to insert common symbol under the Predictive mode or Multi-tap mode. Security To access security, you must enter the preset security code. By default, the code 5 Contacts is 0000.
  • Page 16: Call History

    2.Add contacts ( Add to Phone ) details as follows: Name, Office/ Home/ Mobile View the amount of memory currently in use for messages. 1/ Mobile 2/Other, Email, Address, URL, Notes. 3.Press < Select > and one of the following: Edit, Save.
  • Page 17 1. In the standby mode, press <Menu> to access the Main menu > Messages > Groups Spam 2. Select one group and press <Options> to operate the below options: View 2. Press <Options> to access the following options: Erase, Move to inbox. View the members of the group.
  • Page 18 Enter the number, and press <Save>; or press <Search> to retrieve a number Save, Message settings. from your Contacts. Inbox Memory status 1.In the standby mode, press <Menu> to access the Main menu > Messages > Check the number of contacts you have stored in the phone memory or the RUIM Inbox card.