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User manual
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In Contacts menu, choose Search and press enter; there are two options: By name, By
number. If you input the wrong name or the wrong number, the phone will inform you "No
match found".
You can classify a number of contacts into one group in accordance with their social
relationship, for example: RUIM, Family, Friend, Colleague, VIP, Custom and Default.
Highlight a group, press <Options> and one of the following options: Rename: Edit the
group's name (RUIM and Default can not be renamed), Ringer, List, Add new (RUIM can not
be added new).
1. In the standby mode, press <Menu> to access the Main menu > Contacts >Copy;
2. The Copy includes copy all, copy selected.
Speed dial
Use this menu to assign a speed dial number for your most frequently dialled numbers. In
Idle mode, press and hold the appropriate key to dial the speed dial entries.



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