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  • Page 1 User manual for CG 100...
  • Page 2 Haier Telecom (I) Pvt. Ltd.. Statement The contents of this manual maybe different with the cell phone please according the cell phone. Haier Telecom (I) Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to revise this document or withdraw it at any time without prior notice.
  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions Please read these simple guidelines. Not following them may be dangerous or illegal. For further information, see the section of “Safety Information”. Do not switch the phone on when mobile phone use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger. Do not place your phone and its accessories in containers with strong electromagnetic field.
  • Page 4 Use only approved batteries and chargers. Disconnect the charger from the power source when it is not in use. Do not leave the battery connected to a charger for more than a week, since overcharging may shorten its lift. Please remove the battery only after the phone is switched off normally, otherwise it could cause unpredictable damage for the phone.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1 Getting to Know Your Phone..........5 Packing list ..................5 Basic specification................5 Mobile phone appearance .............. 6 Icon bar ..................8 2 Getting Started..............9 3 Basic Functions..............10 Switching On/Off................10 Making phone call ................ 10 Answering the call................
  • Page 6 Call duration................. 15 6 Messages ................15 Write message ................15 Inbox.................... 16 Outbox ..................17 Drafts ................... 17 Favorites ..................17 Delivery report ................18 Templates..................18 Delete ..................18 Settings ..................18 Memory status ................20 Voice mail..................20 7 STK...................
  • Page 7 Security ..................31 My shortcuts ................32 Flight mode .................. 32 Select startup mode ..............33 Phone info..................33 9 TATA Zone ................33 TATA zone ..................33 SMS services ................33 10 My files ................. 33 Pictures ..................34 Ringers..................
  • Page 8 12 Contacts ................38 Add new contact ................38 Contacts list ................. 38 Search..................38 Groups ..................39 Multicopy..................39 Speed dial ..................39 Delete ..................39 Save location................40 Memory status ................40 My number................... 40 13 Games ................... 40 14 Care and maintenance............
  • Page 9: Getting To Know Your Phone

    1 Getting to Know Your Phone Packing list Your phone package box contains the following items: One Phone One Battery One Charger One Earphone One Data cable One User manual One CD Basic specification Size: 108.9mm [L] ×46.6mm [W] ×15.5mm [H] Weight: about 90g (including Li-polymer battery) Standby Time: GSM only: 150 hours CDMA only: 150 hours GSM CDMA simultaneously: 150 hours...
  • Page 10: Mobile Phone Appearance

    Mobile phone appearance...
  • Page 11 Name Descriptions Left loft key In standby mode, press Left soft key to Main menu. In standby mode, press right soft key to Contacts list. Right soft key End calls or reject calls. Up key In standby mode, press up key to Messages menu. Down key In standby mode, press Down key to FM.
  • Page 12: Icon Bar

    Name Descriptions In the standby mode, short press enter “#” symbol; long press to enable Meeting mode. [#] key In the edit mode, press to switch input method. [0] key In standby mode, press enter “0”, "+"symbol. Side key Adjust volume. USB connector Plug the travel adapter into the charger connector.
  • Page 13: Getting Started

    Icon Description Indicating the keypad is locked. Indicating the phone is locked. Indicating a headset is connected to the phone. You have one or several new text messages. You have one or several new voice messages. Indicating the alarm clock is set to on. You have set the meeting mode.
  • Page 14: Basic Functions

    shown. 2. Push the RUIM/SIM card into the RUIM/SIM card holder. Insert and charge the battery 1. Align the gold-colored contacts of the battery with the battery compartment contacts and press the battery into place. 2. Replace the back cover by aligning the tabs and sliding the cover until it locks into place.
  • Page 15: Answering The Call

    Making phone call using contacts 1. In the standby mode, press <Contacts> or press <Menu> to access the Main menu > Contacts. 2. View the Contacts list; select the contact you want to call. 3. Press <Options> and select Call >Via CDMA or Via GSM to make the phone call; or press the C Send Key or G Send Key to make the call.
  • Page 16: Operations During A Call

    Answer a call with the keypad locked To answer a call with the keypad locked, simply press the C Send Key or G Send Key. When you end or reject the call, the keypad automatically locked again. For more details, see “Keypad lock”...
  • Page 17: Text Entry

    4 Text Entry Your phone provides following text input methods: English input method: input English characters; Numeric input method: input Numeric characters; Input method Icon Letter case Intelligent(English) Lower case Sentence case text, only available at the beginning of a sentence. Upper case Lower case Sentence case text, only available at...
  • Page 18: Call History

    5 Call history Call history stores information about the missed, received, or dialed calls. It also adds the total duration of all calls. When the number of calls exceeds the maximum, the most last call replaces the oldest. Missed calls 1.
  • Page 19: Delete

    Delete You can delete any missed calls, received calls, dialed calls, or all calls from phone memory. Call duration You can view the duration of Last call, Received calls, Dialed calls, All calls or Reset timer. 6 Messages Your phone is capable of creating; sending and receiving text messages (support long SMS).
  • Page 20: Inbox

    While composing a message, press <Options> to access the following options: Send: Send the message Via CDMA or Via GSM. Insert symbol: Insert a special character. Insert smileys: Insert an expression. Insert templates: Insert a predefined template or personalized template. Insert number: Add a number from Contacts.
  • Page 21: Outbox

    Lock/Unlock: Lock the message to protect it from being deleted, or unlock the message. You can protect only those messages stored in the phone’s memory. Copy: Copy the message between the phone’s memory and card. Move to favorite: Cut the message to the Favorites folder. Outbox Text messages are automatically stored in this box as they are sent or unsent, if “Auto save”...
  • Page 22: Delivery Report

    Delivery report The function is to confirm whether the other side has received the message. 1. In the standby mode, press <Menu> to access the Main menu > Messages > Delivery report. 2. Press <Options> to access the following options: Read: View the detail of delivery report;...
  • Page 23 Save location: Allows you to select a storage location for a message. It can be either stored in the RUIM, Phone or on the RUIM and phone memory. Priority: Message sending priority levels are classified as: Normal, Urgent and Emergency. Auto save: The sent or unsent message will be automatically saved in the Outbox.
  • Page 24: Memory Status

    will store the SMS sent time, if longer than the valid period, the SMS would be deleted and no longer sent to the contact again. Auto delete Auto deletes the message when message inbox full. Memory status View the amount of memory currently in use for messages. Voice mail The voice mailbox is a network service and you may need to subscribe to it.
  • Page 25: Stk

    7 STK STK (SIM TOOL KIT) allows to operate its own software based on SIM card. STK card can receive and send short message data of GSM. This mobile phone supports the service for various network operators. Notice: [STK] The menu is stored in SIM card, so that the menu list in the phone might be different due to different SIM Card.
  • Page 26: Display

    Prompt: Use this menu to change the alert prompt for Call, SMS, Alarm and Scheduler alert individually. Ringers: Use this menu to change the ringers for Call ringer, SMS ringer, Alarm ringer and Scheduler ringer individually. Volume: Use this menu to change the sound volume of Call, SMS, Keypad tone, Earpiece, Alarm, and Scheduler.
  • Page 27: Phone Setting

    In the standby mode, press <Menu> to access the Main menu >Settings > Display > Banner> Enable or Disable. Screen saver In the standby mode, press <Menu> to access the Main menu >Settings > Display > Screen saver > Select screen saver, 10 Sec., 20Sec., 1Min., or select Off to deactivate screen saver on your phone.
  • Page 28 In the standby mode, press <Menu> to access the Main menu >Settings >Phone setting > Input setting> abc, Abc, ABC, en, En, EN, 123. Date&time Use this menu to change the Date&time format. Time In the standby mode, press <Menu> to access the Main menu >Settings >Phone setting >...
  • Page 29: Call Setting

    Power off time Use this menu to set the phone power off automatically. In the standby mode, press <Menu> to access the Main menu >Settings >Phone setting > Power off time> Enable, Disable, or Settings. Call setting CDMA call settings Answer call Use this menu to set the phone answer call method.
  • Page 30: Call Forward

    Call forward This network service reroutes CDMA incoming calls to a phone number that you specify. In the standby mode, press <Menu> to access the Main menu >Settings >Call setting> CDMA call settings> Call forward; 1. Select call forward options: Immediate: Divert all calls.
  • Page 31 During a call, press<Accept> or press the C Send Key to answer the waiting call. The first call is put on hold. Press the Right soft Key to end all calls. Call restriction This network service allows you to restrict your CDMA calls. In the standby mode, press <Menu>...
  • Page 32: Call Barring

    In the standby mode, press <Menu> to access the Main menu >Settings >Call setting> GSM call settings> Call forward. 1. Select call forward options: Unconditional: Divert all calls. Busy: Divert calls when you are on another call. No answer: Divert calls when you do not answer the phone. Busy/ No answer: Divert calls when you are on another call or divert calls when you do not answer the phone.
  • Page 33 Received call: When roaming: When roaming Prohibit all incoming call; (The default password pick up from carrier). All incoming: Prohibit all incoming call (The default password pick up from carrier). Dialed call: International: Prohibit all international call; (The default password pick up from carrier).
  • Page 34: Call Firewall

    There are three dialer styles for your choice: Scratchpad, Color and Normal. International prefix In the standby mode, press <Menu> to access the Main menu >Settings >Call setting> International prefix, and use the following menus. Automatic: The phone will replace + with "00" or the respective international call code of the country.
  • Page 35: Security

    3. Enter the number, and press <OK>; or select Search to retrieve a number from your contacts. 4. You can use the options and go to one of the following: View, Edit, Delete, Delete all. Settings Use this menu to enable blacklist enable whitelist or off. Security To access security for the first time, you must enter the preset lock code.
  • Page 36: My Shortcuts

    SIM PIN management In the standby mode, press <Menu> to access the Main menu >Settings > Security>SIM PIN management and one of the following menus: Enable, Disable and PIN change. If you forget any of these codes,contact your service provider. Change security code 1.
  • Page 37: Select Startup Mode

    Select startup mode Show Flight mode menu at start-up or not. Flight mode limits phone functionality for use in places where mobile transmitters must be turned off, e.g. in an airplane. Phone info You can get S/W version, H/W version, and PRL version. TATA Zone TATA zone You could use the function to download kinds of brew applications from your carrier...
  • Page 38: Pictures

    My files menu allows you to access files including downloaded pictures and ringers that are stored in the phone's memory. Pictures This menu displays images you have downloaded. 1. In the standby mode, press <Menu> to access the Main menu >My files > Pictures.
  • Page 39: Alarm

    Alarm Use this menu to set alarms. The alert type for a normal alarm corresponds to the call alert type settings. Setting an alarm 1. In the standby mode, press <Menu> to access the Main menu > Fun and Utilities> Alarm. 2.
  • Page 40: World Clock

    Utilities> Calculator. 2. Enter the first number. 3. Press one of the navigation keys to access the math function you want. 4. Enter the second number. 5. Press the OK Key to view the result. 6. If necessary, repeat from step 3 to continue the calculation. World clock Use this menu to set your local time zone and find out the current time in another part of the world.
  • Page 41: Stopwatch

    Radio options Turn off: Turn off the radio. Channel list: View the channel list. Set frequency: Manually set the frequency of a known radio station. Save: Save the current channel. Auto search: Search channels automatically. Stopwatch 1. In the standby mode, press <Menu> to access the Main menu > Fun and Utilities>...
  • Page 42: Contacts

    12 Contacts You can save names and phone numbers (contacts) in the phone memory, SIM card memory and in the RUIM card memory. Add new contact 1. In the standby mode, press <Menu> to access the Main menu > Contacts> Add new contact.
  • Page 43: Groups

    Groups 1. In the standby mode, press <Menu> to access the Main menu > Contacts> Groups. 2. Highlight a group, press <Options> and one of the following options: Rename: Edit the group’s name (RUIM, SIM and Default can not be renamed).
  • Page 44: Save Location

    2. Select a delete type: Delete all, Delete selected or Delete group list. (When we select Delete all or Delete group list, we have to inter security code then we can delete all record, the security code is 0000). Save location Use this feature to choose storing phone numbers on your RUIM;...
  • Page 45: Care And Maintenance

    Tetris Control objects to move by 2, 4, 6, 8 keys and direction keys. Try to make falling objects fill a line which can be erased. The game will be over when objects reached the top of screen. Press right soft key or power key can save and exit game. 14 Care and maintenance If your mobile phone had abnormal conditions, please check it with the following table.
  • Page 46: Safety Information

    Common problems Check item Weak talk quality Please check if the phone signal is strong enough; If you are in the building, please move the phone or move near the window. The contact can not get your Please check if your mike has blocked by fittings voice when making phone or other blocks.
  • Page 47: Storage Environment

    However, certain electronic equipment may not be shielded against the RF signals from your Mobile Phone. Consult the manufacturer to discuss alternatives. Hospital Do not take your phone into the operating room (OR), intensive care unit (ICU), or coronary care unit (CCU). Do not use your phone at places for medical treatment where it is prohibited to use mobile phones.
  • Page 48: Operating Environment

    Do not allow children to put the battery in mouth, for electrolyte in the battery is poisonous. Do not allow children to touch the small fittings. Otherwise, suffocation or gullet jam can be caused if children swallow the small fittings. Operating Environment Remember to follow any special regulations in force in the area you are in, and always switch off your phone whenever it is forbidden to use it, or when it may cause...
  • Page 49 Battery charging time depends on the remaining battery charge, the type of battery, and the charger used. The battery can be charged and discharged hundreds of times, but it will gradually wear out. When the operation time is noticeably shorter than normal, it is time to buy a new battery.
  • Page 50 This device complies with part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. NOTE: The manufacturer is not responsible for any radio or TV interference caused by unauthorized modifications to this equipment.

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