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Aiwa CX NMA545 Operating Instructions Manual Page 27

Aiwa stereo system user manual.
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Occasional care and maintenance of the unit and the software
are needed to optimize the performance of your unit.
To clean the cabinet
Use a soft and dry cloth.
If the surfaces are extremely
dirty, use a soft cloth lightly
moistened with mild detergent solution.
Do not use strong
solvents, such as alcohol, benzine or thinner as these could
damage the finish of the unit.
To clean the tape heads
When the tape heads are dirty;
- high frequency sound is not emitted
- the sound is not adequately high
- the sound is off-balance
- the tape cannot be erased
- the tape cannot be recorded on
After every 10 hours of use, clean the tape heads with a head
cleaning cassette.
Refer to the instructions of the cleaning cassette for details.
To demagnetize
the tape heads
The tape heads may become magnetized after long-term use.
This may narrow the output range of recorded tapes and increase
After every 20 to 30 hours of use, demagnetize the tape heads
with a separately sold demagnetizing cassette.
Refer to the instructions of the demagnetizing cassette for details.
Care of discs
When a disc becomes dirty, wipe the disc from the center out
with a cleaning cloth.
After playing a disc, store the disc in its case. Do not leave the
disc in places that are hot or humid.
Care of tapes
Store tapes in their cases after use.
Do not leave tapes near magnets, motors, television sets, or
any source of magnetism. This will downgrade the sound quality
and cause noise.
Do not expose tapes to direct sunlight, or leave them in a car
parked in direct sunlight.
If the unit fails to perform as described
Instructions, check the following guide.
There is no sound.
QIs the AC cord connected properly?
in these Operating
Is there a bad connection? (+ page 4, 5)
There may be a short circuit in the speaker terminals.
+ Disconnect
the AC cord,
then correct
the speaker
Was an incorrect function button pressed?
Sound is emitted from one speaker only.
Is the other speaker disconnected?
The output sound is not stereo.
Is the Karaoke function turned on? (+ page 22)
An erroneous display or a malfunction
+ Reset the unit as stated below.
The power is not turned on.
+ Disconnect the AC cord, and connect it again in a few
There is constant, wave-like static.
Is the antenna connected properly? (+ page 5)
Is the signal weak?
+ Connect an outdoor antenna,
The reception
noise interferences
or the sound
is distorted.
Is the system picking up external noise or multipath distortion?
+ Change the orientation of the antenna.
+ Move the unit away from other electrical appliances.
The tape does not run,
Is deck 2 in pause mode? (+ page 13)
The sound is off-balance
or not adequately
Is the playback head dirty? (+ page 27)
is not possible.
Is the erasure prevention tab on the tape broken off? (+ page
Is the recording head dirty? (+ page 27)
Erasure is not possible.
Is the erasure head dirty? (+ page 27)
Is a metal tape being used?
High frequency
sound is not emitted.
Is the recording/playback head dirty? (+ page 27)
The CD player does not play.
Is the disc correctly placed? (+ page 14)
Is the disc dirty? (+ page 27)
Is the lens affected by condensation?
+ Wait approximately one hour and try again.
To reset
If an unusual condition occurs in the display window or the
cassette decks, reset the unit as follows.
Press POWER to turn off the power.
2 Press POWER to turn the power back on while pressing ,
stored in memory after purchase is
If the power cannot be turned off in step 1 because of a
malfunction, reset by disconnecting the AC cord, and connect it
again. Then carry out step 2.


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