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Aiwa CX NMA545 Operating Instructions Manual Page 9

Aiwa stereo system user manual.
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Setting this unit to power economizing mode reduces power
consumption as follows.
When the power is turned off, all the display lights turn off.
However, if the clock is not set, the game Demo (page 8) will
begin when the power is turned off.
If CD or Tape does not play for 10 minutes or if there is no
audio input from any connected external equipment for 10
minutes when VIDEO/AUX is selected as the source, the power
When the power turns on due to timer recording (page 25), the
display brightness level is set to "DIMMER 3 (page 7), all button
lamps are off, and the volume is set to the minimum level (0).
The display brightens only when operating the unit, When the
unit has not been used for 10 seconds, the brightness level
switches to the mode previously selected in "DIM MODE. (Page
(If the display brightness
level is set to "DIM-OFF",
brightness does not change. When the level is "DIMMER 3,
the button lamps are also turned off,)
Press ECO.
"ECO MODE" will be displayed,
Press ENTER within 4 seconds.
The current power-economizing mode status will be displayed.
If the power-economizing mode is OFF: ECO OFF
If the power-economizing mode is ON: ECO ON
Turn MULTI JOG within 4 seconds to switch the
mode on or off.
Example: When "ON" is selected
The mode will be automatically set after 4 seconds. It will
also be set if ENTER is pressed within 4 seconds after step
To provide reinforcement for the ultra-low frequencies, in addition
to the Left/Right 2-channel amplifier used to reproduce mid-to-
high-range frequencies, this system incorporates a second L/R
2-channel amplifier just for reproduction of ultra-low frequencies
making it, in effect, a 4-amplifier system. By utilizing discrete
amplifiers for mid to-high-frequencies and low frequencies, high-
quality sonic reproduction that is virtually free from distortion can
be realized.
This Multi Amplifier System, which utilizes independent circuitry
for the different
ranges, enables
superb sonic
reproduction free from distortion,
The built-in subwoofer System has a separate subwoofer cavity
area that is part of the loudspeaker cabinet structure, which acts
as a sonic filter to cut distortion components. (In the Multi Amplifier
System, the ultra-low frequency signals transmitted from their
own independent amplifier are reproduced in this area.) This
separate construction
gives a clear, rich definition
to bass
reproduction and it can realize clear, well-defined mid-to-high
frequency signals.
And AlWA's built-in subwoofer system incorporates a subwoofer
capable of powerful, satisfying bass performance with true stereo
Amplifiers for Mid-to-high
range frequencies
"'!4 -I:im
To view the clock when all the display lights turn off, press CLOCK
so that the time is displayed for 4 seconds.


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