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Aiwa CX NMA545 Operating Instructions Manual Page 23

Aiwa stereo system user manual.
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Before or during CD play, you can reserve up to 15 tracks to be
played after the current track. Each reservation is cleared when
it finishes playing.
Use the remote control.
Press CD and load the discs.
Press PRGM once
Press DISC DIRECT PLAY, then press numbered
buttons 1-3 within 3 seconds to select a disc.
Then, press numbered
buttons O-9 and + 10 to
program a track,
Reserved disc number
Reserved track number
Repeat step 3 to reserve other tracks.
Press F to start play.
After a track is played, it is cleared from the program.
Disc number of
the last
Number of remaining
playing disc
reserved tracks
To add a reservation
during play
,e@ .
Repeat step 3.
.:: i
To check the reserved tracks
;-,,, :4:
Press CD EDITICHECK repeatedly. Each time it is pressed, the
$- @
disc number and track number are displayed in the reserved
To stop play
When E is pressed, the play starts from the last track again.
To skip a current track
Press ~.
The skipped track is cleared from the program.
To clear all the reservations
Press >
repeatedly until "K - POO is displayed.
Press it once more to cancel the Karaoke programs. The display
returns to that of CD play.
QIf the reserved track number does not exist on the selected
disc, the unit stops playing and the display flashes.
In this case, press -
to skip the error track. Then press ~
to start play with the next reserved track.
When PRGM is Dressed re~eatedlv in ste~ 2, "PRGM" is
displayed and the unit enters CD program play 'mode (page
To cancel program play, press 9 CLEAR.
Track number of
Currently playing
the last reservation
track number flashes.


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