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Operating Tips - KitchenAid KCB148SGR - Pro Line Commercial Bar Blender Use And Care Manual

Commercial blender
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Keep the lid on the blender jar while blending. Do not remove the
blender jar from the base while the blender is running.
Stop the blender and unplug before using utensils in the blender jar. Do
not use metal utensils – they can scratch the jar or damage the blade.
Blend warm or hot liquids using the Low speed or Pulse setting.
Increase speed if necessary. Cool hot foods, if possible, before
Add food to the blender jar in larger quantities than you would
with other blenders – you can add 3 to 4 cups at a time versus
1 cup portions.
Thorough blending usually requires only a few seconds of operation.
Be careful not to over-process foods.


When chopping dry ingredients, make sure the blender jar, lid, and
blade are completely dry.
With foods that tend to stick to the jar, use the Pulse feature.
For many ingredient mixtures, start the blending process at the Low
speed setting to combine the ingredients thoroughly, then increase to
a higher speed if necessary.
The ingredient cap can be removed and liquid or ice added to the
Chef's Blender at the Low speed setting. When operating the blender
at higher speeds, with a full jar, or with hot contents, stop the blender
before adding ingredients.



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