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KitchenAid KCB148SGR - Pro Line Commercial Bar Blender Use And Care Manual

Commercial blender
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Model KCB148 Bar Blender
Model KCB348 Chef's Blender



  Summary of Contents for KitchenAid KCB148SGR - Pro Line Commercial Bar Blender

  • Page 1 COMMERCIAL BLENDER USE AND CARE MANUAL Model KCB148 Bar Blender Model KCB348 Chef’s Blender...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    COMMERCIAL BLENDER TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION WARRANTY AND SERVICE Blender Safety..................2 Warranty for the 50 United States & District of Columbia....18 Important Safeguards ................3 Warranty for Puerto Rico ..............18 Proof of Purchase & Product Registration..........4 Arranging for Hassle-Free Replacement ..........19 Electrical Requirements.................5...
  • Page 4: Blender Safety

    You can be killed or seriously injured if you don’t follow WARNING instructions. All safety messages will tell you what the potential hazard is, tell you how to reduce the chance of injury, and tell you what can happen if the instructions are not followed.
  • Page 5: Important Safeguards

    When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always Do not use outdoors. be followed, including the following: Do not let the cord hang over the edge of a table or counter. Keep hands and utensils out of the container while blending to Read all instructions.
  • Page 6: Proof Of Purchase & Product Registration

    PROOF OF PURCHASE AND PRODUCT REGISTRATION Always keep a copy of the sales receipt showing the date of purchase of Please complete the following for your personal records: your Blender. Proof of purchase will assure you of in-warranty service. Model Number: Chef’s Blender – KCB348 Bar Blender –...
  • Page 7: Electrical Requirements

    NOTE: This Blender has a 3 prong grounded plug. To reduce the risk of electrical shock, this plug will fit in an outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit in the outlet, contact a qualified electrician. Do not modify the plug in any way.
  • Page 8: Commercial Blender Features

    20 seconds. Die-Cast Metal Base Incredibly stable, the metal base stands up to the most intensive use while providing quiet operation. Rubber feet protect the countertop and eliminate “walk” during blending.
  • Page 9 Bar Blender will operate at high speed in the “On” position positions on the base. The scalloped design provides an or low speed in the “Pulse” position. To start the Chef’s Blender at the incredibly stable and secure coupling.
  • Page 10 Easy-to-Clean Design sensor adjusts power automatically when blending to compensate for The smooth base and round power cord are easy to wipe clean. The jar light or heavy ingredients. and lid are dishwasher safe. The blade assembly does not need to be Overload, Jam, Thermal, and Power-On Safeguards removed from the jar for cleaning.
  • Page 11: Using The Blender

    Wash, rinse, and sanitize the blender before using it for the first time. See page 13 for cleaning instructions. Operating the Blender Uncoil the power cord from the storage area on the bottom of the blender base. Electrical Shock Hazard Plug into a grounded 3 prong outlet.
  • Page 12 “Off” position. speed setting.* The Bar Blender will run at high speed. To start the Chef’s Blender at the Medium (Med) or High speed settings, move the On/Off/Pulse Switch to the “On” position while pressing the desired Speed Selection Button.
  • Page 13: Using The Pulse Feature

    To remove, rotate the cap counter-clockwise ⁄ turn and lift. Featuring 1 and 2 oz. (30 and 60 ml) volume lines, the cap can be used as a convenient measuring cup. NOTE: When operating the blender at higher speeds, with a full jar, or...
  • Page 14: Operating Tips

    Chef’s Blender at the Low speed setting. When operating the blender with other blenders – you can add 3 to 4 cups at a time versus at higher speeds, with a full jar, or with hot contents, stop the blender 1 cup portions.
  • Page 15: Care & Cleaning

    Wash and rinse the blender jar, and clean the base, immediately after the equivalent of High speed in the “On” position.) Remove the every use. Do not let food residue dry on any part of the blender jar blender jar and empty contents.
  • Page 16: Sanitizing The Blender

    CARE AND CLEANING Sanitizing the Blender Remove the ingredient cap from the lid. Immerse the lid and cap in sanitizing solution for 2 minutes. For sanitizing the blender, use a sanitizing solution with a chlorine concentration in the range of 100 to 200 parts-per-million. Such a Let jar, ingredient cap, and lid air dry.
  • Page 17: Troubleshooting

    This may happen when blending multiple jars of heavy ingredients – Check to see if the blender is plugged into a grounded 3 prong outlet. If it is, unplug the blender, then plug it into the for a prolonged period. Move the On/Off/Pulse Switch to the “Off”...
  • Page 18 – The power-on safeguard will engage and the blender will not start. To reset the blender, move the On/Off/Pulse Switch to the “Off” If the problem cannot be fixed with the steps in this section, see the KitchenAid Warranty and Service on page 18.* position.
  • Page 19: Accessories/Replacement Parts List

    4176868 Ordering Accessories/Replacement Parts To order accessories/replacement parts for your blender, call the KitchenAid Customer Satisfaction Center toll-free at 1-800-541-6390 Service Tool 8211458 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Eastern Time), or Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Page 20: Warranty And Service

    Authorized Service Center. Call toll-free 1-800-541-6390 Monday The replacement parts and repair labor costs to through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Eastern Time), or Saturday, 10 a.m. to correct defects in materials and workmanship. 5 p.m. to learn the location of a Service Center near you. Your repaired Service must be provided by an Authorized Blender will be returned to you prepaid and insured.
  • Page 21: Arranging For Hassle-Free Replacement

    ® Commercial Blender should fail within 12 months of ownership, simply Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Eastern Time), or Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., call our toll-free Customer Satisfaction Center at 1-800-541-6390 or write to: Customer Satisfaction Center, KitchenAid Portable Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.
  • Page 24 ® FOR THE WAY IT’S MADE. ™ ® Registered Trademark/™ Trademark of KitchenAid, U.S.A. © 2004. All rights reserved. 8211464 Specifications subject to change without notice. dZw39181204...

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